Thursday, January 31, 2013

The end is near and Baby Girl is almost here!

Initially I was supposed to do those cute chalkboard updates for my bump pics, but that lasted two whole weeks. Instagram updates were faster and easier – my style during pregnancy. I love having this and want to get it developed as a picture collage – so cute for Baby Girl’s scrapbook! (yeah like that’s ever happening, if I don’t have one for my first child I can’t expect myself to do it for my second). #ohwell

PBJstories pregnancy timeline
I can’t believe it. I’m finally to the end! 

I always thought those woman that said I miss being pregnant were CRAZY… but in a sense I think I get it a little now.  I had a rough start to this pregnancy.  I was so sick up until 24 weeks and NEEDED Zofran every 8 hours religiously.  I had every “pregnant with a girl symptom” in the book. I was emotional, I got acne, I was super sick,  I got heart burn, I craved tons of sweets and chocolate. 
I also got dozens of leg cramps every night, had the vivid weird dreams, and hourly pee breaks all night.

(Me – just about every night)
toe cramps
It was 100% opposite from my first pregnancy. And I think that’s what I’m going to miss.  I think it’s hysterical (now that I’m to the end) that a little baby girl growing inside me could COMPLETELY change me as a person.
This little sweetheart has made me eat more Caramel Milky Ways than I could count, she had me eating dark chocolate dipped in vanilla frosting straight from the can. (I had to throw it away in order to stop eating it… and even that barely stopped me).  She even got me to eat spicier food than I normally can.  I see it as a big forecast to the future… I believe she’ll be changing me in more ways than I can count as she continues to grow.

Jackson has been the love of my life for the last four years, and it almost scares me to think of someone else coming into our lives to share that love.  Except I know my love will continue to grow more than I even thought possible. I cannot wait to see Jackson as a big brother. I cannot wait to see my husband be the father to his daughter. I cannot wait to see what this beautiful little girl will look like. 

I keep trying to imagine where I’ll be or what I’ll be doing when I first realize I’m actually in early labor.  I woke up with contractions at about 5am three days before J’s due date and wasn’t really sure if I was in labor, or just hopeful.  I eased into the labor fairly easy as I was able to get a full nights rest before the big day and slowly just let the contractions get closer as I walked, napped and took baths all day.

This time I keep picturing things like me being at Lowe’s and having my water break. Or headed to the store to pick out my final can of frosting and keeling over from contraction pain (the braxton hicks have been PAINFUL this time around).
Who knows how it’ll happen, I just hope it happens sooner than later! And on that note I thought it’d be fun to do a little PB&J reader poll of when Baby Girl will grace us with her presence!
When do you think???

Also, I hope to be sharing Baby Girl’s nursery soon so stay tuned for that too!!



  1. So cute! Do you have a named picked out? :)

  2. i was petrified about losing what i had with sawyer when emmy was born... sawyer was just a baby still at 17 months old, and he and i have always had a very special bond. i was so scared of losing that.... i think that fear caused me to not have that "fall-in-love-right-away-give-me-my-baby-right-now feeling... i just didn't have it with her and it took me some time to bond with her. just a few days, and i got there, but i was so scared. now, i am just beyond thrilled to have one of each and to watch their relationship. he is my boy, and he has me wrapped around my finger. but she.... she is like me to a tee, and we have so much fun together. you are in for an amazingly blessed life ahead!

  3. Loved the post and all the pics! You are such a beautiful preggo! I can't wait to meet babes when I get back from my vacay! I'll bring you dinner. Love you!

  4. I feel your pain!!! How exciting and i'm so glad you put it the way you did. I needed someone's insight like that. I've been so afraid all this time and I should be seeing this as someone who will change me and help me grow. I'm due in 3 weeks and actually thinking I'll go by next week!
    Good luck to you!!

  5. I hope she's right on time! First, you will be sure to be ready for her. Second, it's my sister's bday and a great date for a bday at that :)Good luck! And that you for sharing--so exciting!

  6. So exciting!! I was so overwhelmed with joy when we welcomed our tiny pink bundle of joy into an already filled with love family unit. My 2 guys (Hubby & son) were instantly in love with their new best girl. It was an amazing moment in our family and continues to be amazing (& hard...hard and amazing). Lol. I can't wait to see your little angel :)

    Did I mention? Having 2 kids is HARD. lol

  7. Love your post and the awesome collage. My children are also four years apart. Best part about bringing home our second baby and subsequent days were when my first daughter and I shared a cute or funny moment about the new baby! Those are the most precious memories with my first daughter. That came easy, however, because she was very interested in the baby. But there were times when I caught myself not snuggling up to the new baby as much as I wanted because first baby girl was right there. Exciting times indeed.

  8. How exciting! Wishing you a happy, healthy delivery! :)

  9. What a gorgeous nursery! The pictures are awesome of your cute belly! Good luck with everything!


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