Thursday, February 14, 2013

Baby Makenzie’s One Week Old!

It’s been one week since Baby Makenzie blessed our family!  She is such a sweetheart that continuously melts my heart and surprises me at how much I can love this new addition to our family.
She has been a wonderful baby from day one!  We had a rough couple first nights when we brought her home, but by the third night she graced us with three hour sleeping periods and has been on that pattern since.

The most sweetest thing she does is what’s called the smile twitch.  It’s a natural reflex they do in their sleep, and gives a sweet soft smile and she does it alllll the time.  I can’t wait to see her first “real” smile.

We did a little fun photo shoot today for her One Week Birthday.
DSC_8019bHere’s a few I’ve snapped over the past week too.

In the hospital we had Grandma, Papa and big brother Jackson come visit us.  Do you know what true love is?  Because I witnessed it when I saw how sweet Jackson was as a big brother towards his new baby sister Makenize.
He adored her so much the second he saw her and has been so gentle with her, giving her kisses every morning and night.  Constantly calls her “so adorable” and “so cute”.  He shares all his stuffed animals with her and makes sure she’s okay anytime she cries.

I’ve never been more proud of my family, and my son to see the love towards our newest addition.

IMG_0731bBaby Makenize in her going home outfit…. she wasn’t a fan at this point of the camera yet.
IMG_0739bJackson as a proud big brother.
DSC_7953bBaby Kenzie’s first sponge bath at home. 
IMG_0754bNot too sure about this bath thing…
IMG_0756bIMG_0759bShe is such a sweetheart she melts my heart every time I look at her.  And I’ve refallen in love with my husband seeing him be a new parent again.  It’s so much different than when you have your first. 
All the nerves and fears of how to handle a baby are gone.  My  husband was amazing the second he held her. He was confident, and loved her, and knew how to care for her.  In the hospital he was always two steps ahead of me and ready with anything I, or Kenzie needed.  I was in awe at the amazing father and husband he was.

I’ve been having a rough week with recovery from labor, and breastfeeding.  It hasn’t been easy, but we’ve had family here helping us every day, and again my husband has been so supportive and helping me in every way.
I’m taking every day by day and trying to get stronger to be  a good mom to both my children.  This past week has been amazing having two children.  I know everyone has warned me having two children is so different, and can be so hard.  But so far, it’s amazing. I have two of the most sweetest children and couldn’t be more proud of Jackson as a big brother.



  1. Congrats! I just saw this on twitter as I was about to post the same thing! I just had my second little girl on the 6th - so our girls are just a day apart!

  2. Congrats on your beautiful new baby!

  3. sibling love is so sweet! she is beautiful!!!!!!
    good luck with everything- i ended up not breast feeding emmy.... i tried for a few days and it just wasn't working. i could never get let down- i think i was too stressed. so instead she was crying and hungry all the time and i was crying... we decided to try formula, and i tell you what my stress level went WAY down and out of my two kids she is the better/healthier eater now!

  4. OMG she is adorable, perfect in every way! Congrats!

  5. Awe congrats! She is adorable just as Jackson would say! Congrats again on the new baby.

  6. Such a GORGEOUS family - and you guys are all meant for eachother. Perfection.

  7. I love this post Pamela :) She is absolutely gorgeous and your sweet {big} boy looks like an amazing big brother. Hang in there, time heals {girly} wounds.

  8. she's so sweet..congratulation Pamela & family.

  9. Where do you get her adorable headbands?

  10. She is Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

  11. Oh sooooooooo cute Pamela!!!!!! Just adorable :)


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