Monday, February 11, 2013

It’s almost time to do that yearly cleaning–spring time!

Have you guys started thinking about all that needs to be done around your home for Spring Cleaning?  I  sure have! It might be our warmer weather we’re having, or the serious “nesting” phase I’m going through the final days before Baby Girl is due.  But, I’ve started to put together a big long To Do list once the spring days are here.
I’ve already started to do a few of the do’s because of the recent cold/flu season that passed I just wanted to get a fresh slate for our home as we bring a newborn into it.  I was recently sick with a pretty bad cold and after I got rid of it I just felt like scrubbing our house ceiling to ground.  Okay, I actually didn’t feel like doing it at all… but I wanted it done. I actually hired a cleaning crew that came in and cleaned our entire home.  First time I ever did it, and I went off and got my nails done during it. Not a bad day I tell ya!

Having them come in and clean our house was a nice start to a fresh clean home, but only part of it.  The other part is home maintenance that can keep your home healthy and clean for you, and everyone living in it.  One area specifically that can make a big impact is the air quality in your home!  We have forced heating/cooling in our home so we have the filters in the ceiling that you have to switch out every 3 months.  This is our first home having them, and when we moved in I was all “piece of cake I’ll totally be able to do that”.  Yah well, as I peek in the one that’s downstairs it’s covered in dust and needing to seriously be changed, I think it’s been like a year – seriously.

You guys ready for this? Do YOU SEE THAT FILTH! ugh, nasty.
Changing out air filters in your home
When those air filters become clogged and full of dust the air quality in your home will drop drastically as the clean air isn’t able to pass through properly.  This can effect your heating and cooling of your home, driving up your electricity costs even!  They’re supposed to be changed out every 3 months, last time I changed mine was …. about a year ago. YIKES.
It’s easy to do, yet one of those tasks that goes undone over and over.  We always use Filtrete Filters because of how they’re made.  A lot of my friends will use the no name pleated filters but after some quick research you’ll learn that Filtrete brand is 4 times better filters than the generic ones.  What exactly does that mean? Well it means more $ in your pocket, and better air quality for your family and friends in your home.  Other electrostatically charged filters with similar ratings (the other brands that state they’re #1 and cost WAY more than Filtrete) are actually tightly woven pleats/filters that actually restrict airflow in the heating and cooling system.  This drives your system to work harder to produce the proper air flow, driving up your bill, and wearing your system down faster.  My real estate agent actually even told us that during our tour of this home when we said we never have used forced heating/cooling. 

So what am I doing this year to help be sure our home is clean for our newborn and the rest of our family? Besides frequent cleaning to remove dust and allergens I’m forcing myself to remember to change out our Filtrete filters way more often as as they should be. 
Want to know my new secret to remembering to do it every 3 months?  One of my FAVORITE home maintenance websites – 
Bright Nest Website
If you’re not familiar with I highly suggest you familiarize yourself immediately.  Not only is it full of useful home maintenance information, tips, how to’s, and articles but you can set reminders to yourself to do certain duties around the house!  It’ll alert you of new reminders via email, and also will include any typical home maintenance seasonal updates that may need to be done around your home like check your smoke detectors, checking for mold, inspecting your fire extinguishers and easy routine cleaning tips. 
Here’s a quick snapshot of their information about changing out your air filters:

Air Fliter Reminder
And see that little calendar icon and Set Reminder button? Yup that’s where the magic happens.  Just set yourself a reminder when you need to swap our your next Filtrete Filters in your home and you’ll be sent an email as the time comes.

Could I make it easier for your to have a healthier, safer, and cleaner home? Nope!
BUT – actually,  Filtrete Filters is having this awesome contest with Mike Holmes right now!  A Filtrete Healthy Home Remodel Contest!

filtrete contest2
Grand prize winner will receive $30,000 worth of home inspections, repairs and renovations by a Holmes Group approved contractor.  In addition there will be four first prize winners that’ll receive $5,000 cash to put towards home repairs!  Contest is up and running from now until June 30th, 2013. 
How to enter:
- Explain in 1,000 words or less why YOUR home is deserving of a healthier home remodel and include two pictures to support your essay.

What a way to do some serious “spring cleaning” but to win $30,000 in home repairs to a new and improved clean home.

You can also follow Filtrete on Twitter @Filtrete, or visit their website, to receive e-newsletter updates featuring special offers and healthy home tips!

That’s right, I’m a Filtrete Filter gal!  This is a sponsored post featuring 3M’s Filtrete Air filters, but I’m also gushing about them because I love them and loving sharing products I use myself with you!


  1. Sounds like a great product and I could surely use new filters everywhere! :)

  2. Yup, it's that time. Great information and a reminder to get cleaning!

  3. Great product...I have two in right now that look like your old one :)...In S. Florida, we have to change them almost every month....

  4. Im ready for some spring cleaning too! Where does the time go? Girl, You really do need to change that furnace filter way more often. I change mine at least every 3 months, if not sooner. (my hubby buys the cheap ones)

  5. I'm bad about changing the filter, I'll have to check out that site so I can set some reminders.


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