Monday, March 25, 2013

How to Make Baby Leg Warmers

DIY Baby Leg Warmers on PBJstories
I don’t sew.  It scares me.  I’d rather handle a circular saw than a sewing machine.  But I sucked it up to try my hand at this Baby To Do I’ve wanted to make for Baby Kenzie. 

I have some adorable headbands, diaper covers, tutu’s and tights to be sported by her, but I haven’t found any leg warmers that fit her tiny size yet.  So I figured I could make my own and the easiest way too!

I bought these size 4 toddler socks that were on clearance – they were like $2 for both pairs!  Using fabric scissors I cut off the foot part of the sock.  I cut straight across just above the heel.

Then I flipped the longer tube piece inside out, and folded down the cut edge down so that I could sew a hem along this side.

I just did a straight, even tension stitch all the way around the edge.   Because it’s tube shaped just be sure you’re taking your time and not sewing the opposite side.

Originally I was going to just stop here and have them be SUPER easy!  But I wanted to add one more simple touch and grabbed some Martha Stewart lace ribbon I had on hand.

I cut a piece of ribbon the length of around the hemmed edge and pinned it in place so it was easier to sew.

That’s it! Once that was attached just flip it right side and you’re all done and your baby will have warm – and adorable – dressed legs!

Easy baby leg warmers with lace on PBJstories


Not only are they super cute, but they’re really practical!  Instead of constantly having to take on and off little baby pants for every diaper change, I have free access to the onesie for quick and easy changes, but her legs stay warm.

Friday, March 15, 2013

St. Patrick’s Day Art with your kids! Letting them help start to finish

St. Patrick’s Day isn’t usually a holiday I’ll decorate for, but thought it’d be an easy way to let me 4 year old son have some kid-friendly fun and get a little decorating done too!
That beautiful painting… my talented 4 year old made that!

It was super easy, and the best part is I let him have total control.  Sometimes when we do arts and crafts I feel bad when there’s a bunch of do’s and don’ts and he doesn’t just get to have total fun.  So for this one, I let him just paint right on our floor and didn’t worry about any mess during it.

I used my Silhouette to cut out a vinyl “lucky” and adhered it to the flat canvas board.  Making sure there’s a tight seal so paint won’t bleed underneath it too.

IMG_0766bThen I let him have it!  I picked a bunch of different shades of green paint and told him to have as much fun as he wanted Smile

Here’s the mess I was left with afterwards, but I wasn’t worried….

Thanks to our Swiffer Wet/Dry mop!   This is their two in one version where you can use both the wet wipes, and the duster wipes with one unit. 

Best part of the easy clean up? My 4 year old wanted to do that too!!! He cleaned up the entire mess by himself, plus kept moping the floor for about another half hour.

Once the painting was dry, I peaked up the vinyl lettering to reveal the white “lucky”.

I absolutely love having my son’s artwork as the main feature piece in our decorating!  He is so proud of it every time he walks in and see’s it.  Again, having an easy clean up makes the whole project that much more fun so I’m not watching over him saying don’t make a mess,…. watch what you’re doing,…. don’t do that….

Another P&G product I absolutely love – and always have on hand is Magic Erasers.  Sometimes my son’s messes won’t just land on the floor but can end up on the walls too and those things make it SUPER easy to clean up!  My other favorite use for them is after I hang a piece of art in our home…
I know there’s like a hundred easy ways to hang things on Pinterest but I still resort to my trust pencil and level marks.  BUT, I often am left with visible marks on the wall after the piece is up.  Thanks to Magic Erasers, those are easy to remove too!  I don’t know what our parents did before Magic Erasers were created!  I always have so many of these on hand. 

Now I want to give you guys the chance to win two of my favorite cleaning products!  I’ve teamed up with P&G and Home Depot to offer a great DIY painting #ReadyDoneClean Prize Pack for you guys!  The prize pack includes a Swiffer Sweeper kit, Magic Eraser set, and a $25 Home Depot gift card to pick up any extra painting supplies you need!

Home Depot P&G Prize Pack
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I’ve teamed up with P&G and Home Depot for this post, but just as always I only share products I LOVE with you guys!
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