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Decorating by bringing nature inside

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PBJstories reclaimed wood flower vase
I absolutely love working with reclaimed wood and this project was super easy to do!  I’ll admit right away that this is more of a "reclaimed wood vase ‘holder’” as you couldn’t fill a wood vase with water for your flowers.  So unless you use faux flowers, you can build this vase and inside it place a slim vase or glass that you’ll actually fill with water for your flowers which is what I did.

I used a broken apart pallet for my reclaimed wood.  If you can find a traditional size pallet, typically the length of one board is 40” and the hubs cut the board down to four equal parts about 10” each.

wood vase how to
Then I aligned the cut boards to make a box and used painters tape to hold the boards in place.  The tape won’t stick to your boards, but if you wrap it around enough the tape will be tight enough and stick to itself.  Next I used a 1/8th inch drill bit and pre-drilled two holes on each side near the bottom, and top of the “box”.  You want to pre-drill to prevent the wood from splitting.

reclaimed wood how to
I used #6 1” screws to attach all four boards together. By using #6 screws they have a smaller head width to them which will make it easier to prevent splitting in the wood.

reclaimed wood how to 2
After it was all attached I removed the painter’s tape and gave it a quick sand with my orbital sander.  I didn’t sand it down too much as I really wanted the reclaimed woods characters to show when I stained it.  I just did a light sanding to remove any splintering wood and give the bottom an even surface.

reclaimed wood how to 3
I almost ALWAYS use Minwax stain in Provincial anytime I stain wood.  If you’ve never stained wood before, doing a project with reclaimed wood is PERFECT as you really can’t screw it up.  With a smooth finish wood you really have to stain in one direction and follow up with a rag quickly to give an even coat.  But with reclaimed wood the stain soaks up evenly on its own and I rarely have to follow up with a rag.  You really can’t go “wrong” staining reclaimed wood, it’s mistake proof so if you’ve been nervous to try and stain something – this is a perfect first try!

reclaimed wood how to 4
Once the piece is completely stained just let it air dry for a few hours in a well ventilated area.
I love the character of it!

detail of wood vase
I placed a narrow glass inside it and filled with water to hold my beautiful lilies I picked up from our local flower shop.  I LOVE lilies!  They are such big beautiful flowers that make an impact in decorating.  I made a small bouquet of white and pink lilies and grabbed some filler of greenery and baby breath.

Decorating your home with fresh flowers is such a refreshing way to bring in color, plus they smell great too!  I love the big size of lilies and I love that within one bouquet the flowers will bloom at various times making the arrangement look different daily.

decorating with lilies
Many people think the scent of lilies can be strong and sometimes those that have allergies can be sensitive to lilies.  But did you know that if you remove the anther (that fluffy pollen pod) it’ll prevent those that have a sensitivity to pollen.  In addition it’ll help keep the pollen off your furniture, clothes, etc which it may stain.  Anthers are easily removed by gently pulling away from the filament.  Don’t use scissors to cut the anther or this will leave a short stubby filament.

PBJstories decorating with spring lilies
reclaimed wood vase
spring entryway
Welcome spring into your home with your own big beautiful bouquet of lilies and adorn them in your own reclaimed wood vase!   You can pick up lilies really in any local flower shop near you, even your local grocery store or garden center.

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  1. This is beautiful! Love how it turned out. Great job!

    -Erin @ DIY on the Cheap

  2. Ah..Pamela this is beautiful and the flowers are absolutely gorgeous!!

  3. What a beautiful vase! LOVE it!

  4. I love it so much! it's so unique and pretty, pinning!

  5. Love it! and I love lilies too...One of my favorites! :) Popping over to say Hi ...and look forward to meeting another "Hampton Roads" blogger at Haven! ;)

  6. Beautiful - love the color of stain you chose! Your vignette with the lilies is so pretty!


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