Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Filling Wall Space with some Wood Working Skills

How often do you stare at a wall in your home, knowing you want SOMETHING there but no clue what.  There’s always a million options, a piece of art, a gallery wall, shelves, a piece of furniture, your kid’s boogers (oh wait that is what’s there already).  Well our stairwell, and upstairs hallway has always been that place for me in this home. 

PBJstories DIY Picture Shelf Display
At the very top of the stairs there’s a wall space that you stare at coming up the stairs and it drove me insane being just this blank wall.  But it also is the end wall of a very long hallway, so I didn’t want to do a big gallery wall as I may do something along those lines down the hall eventually.  So I decided to do some wood working and try my hands at a very well known shelf tutorial, Ana White’s $10 shelves
I think it turned out great and creates such a feature piece now that holds a variety of pieces I love to look at like our family pictures, some of our favorite Beatle lyrics, and a classy vintage mirror.

Layering pictures on shelf
It also conveniently hides our ugly thermostat too!

Filling wall space with pictures
These things are CRAZY easy to make!  Her instructions are super simple and easy to follow, I just made one change when I made mine.  I used my Kreg Jig to be sure the strength of the shelf would stand the test of time.  I wanted to make a long shelf to fill the space and have it come out from the wall about 4”.  The amount of frames I’d putting on it I was a tad worried about that weight causing the boards to separate over time, so I just used my fancy shmancy Kreg Jig to have it be extra strong. 

It’s 6 feet long, 4” wide and I painted the finished piece Ivory Lace from Sherwin Williams (my favorite almost white paint color).  I love the depth of the shelf, it lets me layer pictures and signs to add even more appeal for the eyes.  It’s already time to update the pictures though! Baby girl needs to get up there with us!

PBJstories Picture Shelf
DIY Picture Shelf Display
I also made two smaller versions of these for Baby Kenzie’s room too and just stained them for a more rustic look.
What do you think?? Do you have any blank wall space you think you could whip these shelves up for?



  1. I made these this weekend! Two short ones for an awkward bathroom wall and one for above the stove (polyed within an inch of it's life). Yay for photo ledgy things! :)

  2. Great job!!! I love them. I have the potterybarn version from when I got marrid, but I like the look of your way better!


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