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Making the Honest switch, one household cleaning product at at time

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I was recently asked to try out a few new cleaning products and see if I’d choose to “make the switch”.  The products were from The Honest Company, which I actually first heard of for their baby wipes and diapers program they offer.
I never have been really “particular” about the type of cleaning chemicals I use in the home.  However, because of that reason I find it hard to find time to clean areas like the bathroom where I’m using such potent and strong chemical-based products because I usually have baby girl around the area.

For that same reason, I dread cleaning bathrooms because the strong smell of the products give me a headache usually.  I always have to have windows open and fan going after I do big cleans from all the bleach smells from doing the shower, floors and counters. 

Once I read about all the benefits of using The Honest Company’s cleaning products I was excited to see if I would actually make the switch and stop using all the previous cleaning products I use and if I’d stick with theirs.  These products are designed to be safe and sustainable, while being beautiful, fresh, and fun.

Mostly I wanted to be sure that (1) they did clean as well as I was used too, (2) I felt like they cleaned as good and (3) it helped eliminate the issue of strong odors.

second bathroom belongs to our son J and eventually Kenzie will be using it as hers as well.  So the idea of “friendlier” cleaners makes me happy when it’s their tiny hands that touch all the surfaces.

The surfaces that get dirty the fastest, as usually, the sink, counter, toilet and bathroom.  The sink is ALWAYS covered in toothpaste, as my son is big on doing it himself… and doesn’t always end up in his mouth.  There is always water spots all over the counter and just the usual build up.  He takes a bath a lot and I’m big on making sure no grim builds up in there from the bath. 

As I started to clean with the Honest products I was instantly surprised at how pleasant they smelled!!! No harsh chemical smell, they actually had a nice scent of Eucalyptus Mint to them.  After I cleaned the surfaces with them I was happy to that the surfaces felt clean too.  My hands didn’t get as dried out as they do with the other products too.

In addition to the bathroom cleaner,  and floor cleaner I also tried their Bubble Bath for my son’s routine baths.  Can you believe I actually NEVER let him have bubbles in his baths?  I’m not big on them mostly because when he was a baby he had super sensitive skin, and then as he grew up I just didn’t like the leftover soap film they left in the bath. But I was very happy with their bubbles.  They smelled fresh and I didn’t feel they left a film in the bathtub either.  My son was VERY happy to have bubbles!

So ultimately the question is, will I be tossing out the harsh cleaning products I’ve been using and keeping the new Honest cleaning products? I do believe I will be! 

The Honest Company was started by a mom and dad that wanted something better in their home, something that was more natural, and non-toxic and something that looked as beautiful as it felt in your home.  They have a WIDE variety of products, but ones that you can use daily in your own home. 
Anything from cleaning products to your baby wipes and diapers.  They also have a full line of baby products that you’ll feel safe using on your bundle of joy.
You can get more information and sign up for a FREE trial of diapers and wipes  here.

You can see more about their cleaning products and get a FREE trial here.

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  1. I've heard great things about these products. My boys would love the bubble bath! Thanks for sharing.

    -Erin @ DIY on the Cheap

  2. Yay! I am so excited to hear all your great feedback on The Honest Company products!

  3. Wow - everything looks so clean and white! Sounds like great products.

  4. Totally intrigued! Trying out the diapers for sure!

  5. I'm going to look for those products here, thanks for the coupons too!!

  6. I have been wanting to try their products! Thanks for the reminder!

  7. Wow! They sound like great products and your bathroom sparkles. I will have to see if I can find some.

  8. I adore their diapers and other baby care items! Excited to try out the rest of the products too :o)

  9. I recently purchased some of the bath and body products. LOVE them!! xo

  10. BabyGanics works just as effectively for less cost.


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