Friday, April 19, 2013

My Spring into action To Do list

Spring has sprung in this part of town and my spring cleaning to do list has already gotten pretty long!  Not only do I have the usual cleaning to do inside (by the way I’m getting ready to show you guys some new awesome cleaning products I’ve been using, super excited about them), but I have LOTS to do outside.

Being a homeowner can be a LOT of work and not always glamorous and fun!  I wanted to share my home maintenance to do list with you in case it sparked any ideas to help you keep your home looking extra nice on the outside.

First my sad sad little garden in the front.  Can you even call it that?  I need to figure out this year what to do with it, I’ve never found flowers that work well combined with the already-there bushes.  Plus, see that red dotted line, that’s where the garden border is supposed to be, however weeds have taken over.  I also have to get to the store and pick up some mulch before it’s too late!

Next, our garage has taken a beating.  Not sure what caused our paint to chip so bad because our neighbors (house built around the same time) isn’t nearly as bad.  So I’ll be taking a sanding block to it and giving it a new fresh paint of coat.
Here’s where I start getting REALLY embarrassed.  Do you see all that filth? YUCK! Nastiness of all shades and textures have started growing on our siding and it needs to get blasted off with a power wash.  I’m keeping my eyes on Groupon for this local company that runs specials that I’ve heard does an awesome job.  That’s one project I’m not willing to risk DIYing it wrong, pressure washers can be intense.  But our house needs a good scrub.

The front door needs a little paint touching up too.  I’ve been tempted to maybe try a new fun color, but our house siding is this pale yellow color, and the shutters and front door are this deep maroon.  I haven’t really been able to choose a color that’d match the yellow nicely, or even the shutters if I wanted to just have the door be a feature piece in a different color.  What do you think?

And going hand in hand with the filth that grew on our house, our backyard fence needs a good bath too. ICK I can’t stand that type of mildew/mold whatever it’s technically called. 

Luckily we’ve been having AWESOME weather so I really hope to get these projects done soon and have a squeaky clean house soon.  I’ll have some tips for cleaning the inside of your home soon too, including improving your air quality. 

I also may be prepping for a garage sale too… time to clean out the attic.

Since I’ve embarrassed myself a lot already showing the filth that is the outside of our home, I wanted to share one of my most hated parts of our home.  Pure embarrassment. Everyone, meet our sorry excuse of a back patio.

A concrete slab, mismatched patio chairs, a free curb alert table, and Jackson’s toys thrown about with a HVAC system loud and in charge.  (I hang my head in shame).


  1. We started our projects about 2 weeks ago - LOTS of yard work & a good scrubbing of the porch. Still more to do!

    Here's the link on my blog for what was done so far.

  2. I've been compiling a list of outdoor spring cleaning to do. It's our first spring as homeowners do I'm exited!

    I feel like you could do a lot with your front door color with pale yellow siding, but I'd look at all of the colors directly next to the shutters. Our door is bright red, which goes well with the tan siding, but in the future it might get a makeover to dark green or deep purple.

  3. We purchased our home in July and with Spring rolling around we're definitely outside working on anything and everything! It's exhausting, I know, but it definitely is rewarding once projects are complete! If only they didn't take so long!

  4. OMG GIRL! I, too, have that exact same back "patio" and do not have a CLUE as to what to do with it. my backyard is so sad, so blank. yet, i love it. i don't know how to make it a "getaway" without spending TONS. i will be watching to see what tricks you come up with!


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