Thursday, May 30, 2013

Front Porch Inspiration

Do you have a particular room that stumps you when it comes to designing the space?  Well that room for me – is our front patio.  Actually it doesn’t just stop there, it continues into our backyard too.  The outdoors space is just a big challenge for me and my black thumb doesn’t help at all.
The only time I’ve loved our front patio since moving in 3 years ago was when I decorated for the holidays last Christmas season.  The space is just difficult for me, but I wanted to really try and make an effort this year so I started to gather some inspirational ideas.

What do you do with your front patio? Do you fill it with plants and flowers?  Use it as a blank canvas for color that draws the eye in from the street?  Is it a place for comfort and relaxation with neutral colors and natural textures?   Here are a few of my favorite patio spaces that really caught my attention.

Colorful Inspiration Ideas:MY SUMMER PORCH

Neutrals and Classic:


Modern and Exciting:IMG_8400IMG_8432Hunted Interior

Over the next couple weeks I hope to piece together a front patio that welcomes me home everyday in a warm and happy way.  I just have to start with a plan and direction I want to go in! Which do you suggest???

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  1. EEEK!!! I love that first picture, those succulents are ADORABLE!! Can't wait to see what you choose to do!


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