Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pinterest and Shopping– Spark Studio makes life just a little bit easier!

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So, there’s this new thing.  And it has to do with online shopping. And Pinterest. Yup I’m sold.  Actually when I was asked to check out Walmart’s newest website, Spark Studio, that combined the love of Pinterest and online shopping into one I was literally doing leaps of joy, just like those women above! Can’t you just imagine me?

Here’s the quick lowdown:
Spark Studio is a new website that Walmart created to help their customers become inspired to find what they love for their lives.  Their home page is a welcome pad for the the top most pinned items from Walmart.  You can see the number of pins, and how long it’s been a hot item for in the Pinterest world. 
Beyond that you can break down your search by so many different ways.  They have an easy drop down menu that will pull up the most pinned items in different categories. Also seen in their drop down menu are the top pinned brands. 
Spark Studio, you can browse and shop products by:
1) Inspirations- Items by Walmart shoppers on Pinterest
2) Fashion and Beauty- Discover must-haves from Walmart shoppers
3) For the home- Solutions and ideas from Walmart fans
4) Babies- Search the top picks from Pinterest moms
5) Pets- Find everything you will need for your pet
6) Playtime-  A collection of items to entertain the whole family

They take it one step further and you can also search for different items depending on color scheme. 

When you click on an image from the category page it’ll give you the option to pin it to your board of choice (tip: Make a board specific to shopping with
Spark Studio for an easy to remember shopping list!)  Or you can click again to be brought directly to that item’s page on This seriously targets my BIGGEST weakness to online shopping: IMPULSE BUYING!

I spent some time on
Spark Studio and picked some of my top choices from each category just to give you a preview of some serious awesome things that now I really want.  You can also view my Pinterest Board inspired by Spark Studio where you’ll find the links to these ideas, plus lots more!
Spark Studio, Beauty Choices
Isn’t that bathing suit so cute?! Also, I have a problem with buying hair product tools, I’m convinced I need to buy 50 versions of the same thing until I find the perfect one for my hair to be styled perfect.  Even though I often usually fail to user error.

Spark Studio, Home Choices
Big on my shopping list right now is a high quality outdoor patio set that won’t break our bank, but looks great.  Low and behold, this one is reasonably priced, especially for the whole set!  I’m also loving that industrial inspired TV stand!

Spark Studio, Baby Choices
I’m trying to tell myself with Baby Kenzie I’ll make time to prep some homemade baby food.  Maybe if I buy that adorable food prepping system I’ll be more motivated?!  Also, that crib there? I don’t need a new crib, but that was TOP on my list for the entire time I was planning Baby Kenzie’s nursery and so many have asked where they could get an affordable, but adorable crib. And last but not least… do you SEE THOSE WHEELS? Yup, that will be ordered by me once Kenzie’s old enough.

Spark Studio, Pet Choices

We don’t have a dog…yet.  We will be getting one eventually, or some day soon, or at least we tell ourselves that.  It’s nice to know that Walmart has such adorable pet accessories!

Spark Studio, Playtime Choices
Isn’t that bike AMAZING? I cannot wait until our kids are old enough and we can do family bike rides.  And did you know Walmart has great options for accessories for your DLSR?  This lens might needed to be added to my camera bag.  And as a DIYer I always thought I’d just build Kenzie a play kitchen when she’s old enough, but for around $100 this play kitchen may just be the PERFECT solution for a low cost but so so cute play kitchen.

This is bad. Seriously. I already online shop a lot. And I spend WAY too much time on Pinterest…. I had a blast checking out Spark Studio, and this is one of those times I’m seriously sharing a product I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE with you! Be sure to check out Spark Studio for yourself and feel free to visit my Pinterest board, and also their Pinterest board for lots of inspiration. 

I’d love to hear your feedback and let me know what you think of this.

This is a sponsored post by Walmart Labs, asking my review of their product.  As usual, I only share products with you that I love myself and use!



  1. love your picks, I NEED THAT SUIT! And I never thought I would have said that about a bathing suit from Walmart. :)

  2. So much awesome stuff! this site looks totally addictive

  3. I love this new fun way of online shopping! I love that patio set! Mojitos anyone! ;)


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