Friday, July 19, 2013

Creating memories of family.

I leave work at 5pm every day.  Every day I drive and pick up the two loves of my life and get home an hour later. During my drive home I listen to my son describe his day with his slight stutter that I hang up on a little more than I should.  I try to tune out and ssshhh my baby girl as she screams her head off because she’s my adorable little porker that has to eat every two hours or she’ll freak out.  I arrive at home I run to the bottles and make baby girl her 8oz bottle while making sure I have two things of baby food veggies for her to eat afterwards.  As I shake the bottle I try to talk over Jaxy as he’s pretending to talk in dinosaur language to his toys and ask him what he wants to eat.  I lay baby girl on the floor and have her hold her own bottle so I can begin Jaxys dinner and continuously beg him to feed her, but he responds with a sweet, “No. I’m fine”. 

I finally stuff the two with dinner and battle them into their pjs and get them tucked into their own beds.  But then I listen to Jaxy as he presses the lullaby song in the teddy bear he picked out for his new baby sister and sing his own song for her, “You’reeeeeee my bestttttttt friend, you’reee my besttt friend, I love you, you’re my best friiiiiend”.  My heart melts as I tuck him into his bed and shut his door.  I take a moment and sigh to myself that I’m thankful I have them in bed, but I already miss them both.  I come down the stairs and am greeted with the chaos that is our living room with an explosion of 4 year old and baby toys and dinner dishes all over the kitchen. 

It’s a mess, I’m exhausted, but it’s my everyday. And I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Well, maybe I’d trade something if it meant we got to have our 4th home with us.  This past weekend we headed out to our local zoo for a family day checking out the animals and I took in every moment I got to see my husband be the father I love him being to our children.  We needed a day we didn’t pay attention to my to do list, or what needs to get done before he leaves for months on end.  I just wanted a day to be us. We don’t get many of those.

So we went to join the party with the animals at the zoo.







I love this blog.  But I love my family more and I hope to continue to take time for these memories with my kids while my husband is gone serving his duty.  They deserve these memories, and I do too Smile

What have you done with your family lately?



  1. There just aren't enough hours in the day! That sounds like an exhausting evening. I'm so impressed by all you handle. Thank you to you and your family and your husband for your sacrifice.

  2. These are such beautiful pictures of such a perfect family!!! GO YOU. Screw the to-do lists - nothing is as important as memories!!!

    (And DANG, she is a porker! - an 8 oz bottle AND dinner. Sheesh. No wonder Pres is so tiny....I'm starving her!)

  3. Awe I agree--family is so important! Love that you guys make a point to create the memories! There are some weekends where Jon and I say "screw it" and drop everything we are doing to go do something fun and for us.

    You are looking so dang skinny--can't wait to see you next week.


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