Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dressing up a dresser with new hardware

dressed up dresser
My initial plan for my daughters dresser was to find a unique piece and redo it myself.  I had a certain style in mind that I knew I was looking for too.  But when I found this piece, it was refinished already by a local furniture painter.  However, I knew I wanted to put another unique personal twist on this perfect dresser.

dresser before
The dresser was beautiful before, it had nice curves, the perfect color and nice distressing; but I wanted the dresser to have a little more feminine touch to it.  I finally picked out some new pull handles for the top three drawers from Anthrolpogie.  I loved their size, color, and femininity.

Changing out drawer pulls is really easy to do, but sometimes you need to do more than just change out the hardware.  This original hardware had two holes, but the new pulls only needed one center hole.

Time to do some face changing.

I removed the original hardware and filled the holes with wood filler and putty knife. 

Once that completely dries, you’ll sand it smooth using a sanding block until you can’t see any of the lines anymore.  Then just repaint the drawer.  In this case I knew I was going to be doing the top drawers so I asked the woman I purchased it from for some extra paint she used so it would match.  Typically if are making over a furniture piece and know you want to do this it can be done before you start painting.

DSC_7562 (2)
Once that it is dry it is time to drill your new holes.  I simply measured the exact middle of my drawer front and marked it so I could drill the hole. Be sure your drill bit is at least as large as the new hardware screws.

DSC_7563 (2)
Then simply install your new hardware and you’re ready to go!

DSC_7566 (2)
Now I have a unique dresser made special for my little girl!!! I wish I had an original before for this piece but I’m definitely happy with the ultimate after.  Think of a furniture’s hardware as a woman’s accessories.  Don’t forget to make them stand out as much as the new paint job!

Hope I helped inspire some of you to try out some new hardware on your furniture renovations!
dressed up dresser


  1. It's really shocking how just a little change can make such a dramatic difference. The pulls are just perfect for the piece and space!

  2. hello!
    where did you get the changing pad cover? that is stinkin adorable!

  3. gorgeous! where did you get the changing pad cover from? it's stinking adorable!


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