Monday, July 1, 2013

Enjoying Our Summer Days

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This past weekend we took time out from all our to do’s, project lists and work for a little family fun time.  I’ve been wanting to get to the water park the past couple weekends but our weather has been less than predictable and so we haven’t been able to make a day of it with storms rolling through.  So this weekend we brought out the kiddy pool and had some of our own water fun.

Kenzie got to play in the water the first time.  She didn’t hate it… but didn’t show any excitement either.  She is the world’s happiest baby… but she’s a quiet one.  Doesn’t really giggle, scream, make a lot of noises.  She just kinda sat in the water and was like … well okay.  Was still fun to have her in the pool, and of course Jackson is ALL ABOUT the water.  Has been from day one practically. 

I did a quick run to Target earlier in the week and picked up Huggies Little Swimmers to have in case we were able to get to the water park or beach.  Since we had them on hand we put her in one when she was in the pool.  I learned Little Swimmers are a necessity with kids and water very quickly with Jackson.  Have you ever seen what happens if a kid plays in the water wearing a normal diaper?  Yeah pretty much it ends up weighing about 25lbs and will explode open…and then you’re left with a big ol mess!  The Little Swimmers help keep what needs to be “kept in” inside the diaper, and what needs to be out, out. 

Who else loves chunky baby thighs and baby hair mullets? 


Jackson has always been amazing in the water.  We didn’t ever have to teach him how to go under water , he was just adventurous boy who jumped in on his own. When he was 2 we spent a week in Florida, and he pretty much spent the entire week in Little Swimmers.  How sweet of a picture is this of his cousin and her taking a stroll along the beach.  (And yup, those are Huggies Little Swimmers she’s so effortlessly showing off there)


As I said Jackson LOVED the water – and had no problem jumping in or being tossed around. 
DSC01324(Hysterical Picture)

It’s things like diapers kids can swim in that have me question just how generations before ours did anything with kids.  We have some pretty nice luxurious that help doing things with kids so much easier!

Hope you get to spend some summertime fun soon with your kids and get out to a pool, or beach and soak in the sun. Here’s a coupon to help motivate you to pick up some Huggies Little Swimmers and put down your to do list, and have some good family times. Save on Huggies today!

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  1. Hehe, I love that pic of them walking down the beach :)


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