Monday, August 12, 2013

A Beautiful Mess–Easy Upcycled Toy Organizer

beautiful toy organizer on pbjstories
I recently did a quick makeover on an old bookshelf that we’ve had for years.  It was just one of those simple black ones from Target, or Walmart.  I was thinking of throwing it out when I figured I’d try a quick makeover to help blend it into our living room space more and a place to store more toys for our kids.

We have a whole corner in our living room dedicated to our son’s toys, and it seems like every time I turn around he’s run out of room to store his toys. 
I first I did a light sanding, just to scuff up the top coating to give the primer something to stick too.  Then I did two layers of primer, allowing several hours in between the coats for full drying time.  Then I let the piece sit for a day to allow the primer to cure.  I did this extra precaution since I knew it was going to get beat up pretty good being used for toys.  By allowing the primer to completely cure, I’m setting a strong durable base of protection for the piece. DSC_7613b
Then I just used some left over paint I had on hand, which is just a soft white from Sherwin Williams.  Their paint is amazing for furniture!  I decided to add a personal touch of my love for stained wood to the piece too to have it styled for our living room.  I just measured the length of the bookcase and used a 1x12” piece of wood from Lowe’s.  I stained it and did two layers of polyurethane.  Then to keep the project on my “extremely easy project list” I just pre-drilled through the top of the wood piece down into the edge of the bookcase and then attached using #6 2” screws. 

Then I just filled it with his toys and canvas bins and now he has so much more toy storage space, and we have another durable table top next the couch for convenience!  It’s held up really well and fits in perfectly with our space.
a beautiful toy organizer
This was a really easy project and low cost using a piece of furniture we were about to throw out.  Always keep your mind open to repurposing items and blending fashion and function.  You don’t have to forfeit your homes decorating style to keep a balance of organizing for your kid’s toys!

What do you think of it?



  1. looks soooo good! And you'd never know it was one of the basic cube shelves now that you've added the pretty wood top!

  2. WOW this is awesome--what a big change! Great job!!!

    1. Thanks Katie!!!! Course you and the hubs would have just built your whole unit from scratch hehe!

  3. Job well done, it looks great! Quick question though, seeing it's on and off the carpet, how do you keep it level?

    1. Great question --- I just stuck little hard wood floor protector pads on the side that's sitting on the wood floors. Keeps the floors from getting scratched and keeps it level!


  4. What a great idea to keep things a bit neater. Thanks for sharing!


  5. Love it! Found you through pinterest. So glad! :)


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