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Color Blocked Hand Painted Curtains

hand painted color blocked curtains by pbjstories

I’ve never really done a full tour of Jackson’s room, which actually is full of fun little DIY projects I’ve done and is full of bright colors and little boy decorations.  One project in his room I did was hand paint his curtains inspired by some I saw on Pottery Barn Kids.  Similar to my own painted curtains – painting your own can save you big money compared to the name brand panels. 
prepping your curtain

I personally love the look of grommets for curtains and not a fan of the tabbed hooks.  I purchased these bright red panels from Bed Bath and Beyond, both for $20.00. I prepped my surface my taping down my drop cloth and laying my curtain down.  I couldn’t find any curtains that were already grommeted, so I just purchased these and then used the opposite end as my “top” and was going to add my own grommets.

using frog tape for clean clines

Since the red was going to take a lot of paint to cover up I wanted to do a base of white paint to act as a primer.  I measured the total length of the striped panels I wanted and taped the edge.  You really want your fabric to lay smooth in order to easily roll on your paint without bumps. A quick tip is to use a lint roller and be sure your fabric is free of any lint or dirt before painting. Also helps “smooth” out the fabric so it lays flat.

tip when painting fabric

If you’ve never painted on fabric before, it’s important to either use a paint specifically made for fabric OR make your own fabric paint mixture.  You can use any acrylic based paint and mix 50/50 with textile medium – which helps prepare the paint to adhere to fabric better.  It allows the finished paint to “move” with the fabric rather than being a stiff surface.
how to mix fabric paint

I just used my roller that I use for everything and rolled the paint on the entire taped off region of the curtain.  These little rollers are great to have on hand I use them for everything!

first layer of painting for curtains

Let your paint dry complete in between coats.  I ended up doing two layers of paint, with an extra third coat of paint at the very top where the grommets would be.  I didn’t want a third coat over the full surface because I was going to still paint that section of it another color and didn’t want to build up too many layers.  Essentially I just wanted to create a solid base to help block the red.

Once that dried I measured out two more edges.  I left a two inch border for the grommets, and then wanted a thin layer of white between the tan layer and red so pressed another line of tape to cover an inch of white.

painting curtains tutorial pbj

Then I just mixed more acrylic paint (color of choice) with the textile medium and painted the last section.  Once completely dry I removed the tape for clean straight edged painted lines!  You’ll want to do the same measurements and steps for all your panels that you’re hanging.  The last step is to add your grommets.

They’re really easy to do, and you can pick them up at any local craft and fabric store like JoAnn Fabrics (where I picked mine up). 
how to add grommets to a curtain panel

Next, hang your curtains and enjoy your next completed DIY project!  These ended up being a fraction of the cost of the original curtains I was inspired by, and once again, happy that I was able to do my own project that saved us money!

Check out a few other projects I’ve done in Jackson’s room projects: the Faucet Dresser Handles, DIY Kid’s Locker, and Pallet Map Wall Art.

I’m hoping to eventually do a full tour of his room, but it’s always been a challenge because the lighting is so difficult!  But I do love all the little details in his room so hopefully I can do it soon.
Boys room on PBJstories

Little boys room full of trucks, cars, and stuffed animals – what else does a boy need?
Painted Striped Curtains for Little Boys Room

Have you painted your own curtains before?  What do you think of these??! Would love it if you loved this project that you share, tweet, pin or just comment Smile


  1. Super cute, Pamela!! (: Great job! ps Those knobs are adorable!

  2. SO awesome!! I love that you did your own grommets too, I am not a fan of the tab tops either.

  3. I tried this once and found it was sucking up the paint, and not to mention it bleed through which got on my floor. LOL But I would try it again now that I know my mistakes. Yours look wonderful, great look for a boys room.


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