Monday, September 9, 2013

Home Tour: Vintage truck theme boy room, Jackson’s bedroom

vintage truck boys room
One of the last room’s I haven’t shared on the blog, is actually one of the first rooms I decorated when we first moved in.  Our son Jackson’s room!  I’m really excited to finally be sharing it and I have loved the details I used in this room since I began with the vintage theme.  It’s a mixture of antique cars I’ve found at thrift stores, a few model cars made by his Grandma, some "new pieces" that have a faux vintage look to them, and many DIY projects. 

It can be a fine line when decorating kids room about what’s practical for them, but what you want as décor.  Jackson understood from the beginning pretty easily that a lot of the décor items were “decoration” and not to be played with.  But I also combined areas for him that were play-based items. 
I chose a dark matte blue for the walls, and actually this was the back up color I chose.  The first one was almost black it was so dark, my husband did one paint roll of it and said “No Way!”.  Probably better that he did because his room has been the HARDEST room for me to take pictures in because of the dark wall color, with only one window right in the middle. 

I shared how I painted his curtains
here, and that cute little yellow wagon was a quick and easy DIY I shared here.  As you can see he has TONS of stuffed animals, there’s two more filled baskets you can’t see. 

I changed up the dresser knobs to fun and funky faucet handles I ordered online which I shared
The Ford grill was a favorite find at a local flea market.  It fits PERFECTLY in his room and I just love it.  Initially my plan was to make a headboard from it once he was in a big boy bed…. but I have just loved it up there as décor so haven’t done that project yet.

I redid the nightstand table as a bold color furniture choice and love the pop of color against the dull rusted out suitcases I stacked on top to add height compared to his bed rails.
His room is really the only room I’ve ever used bold bright colors so I like to have fun with projects when I can.  He absolutely loves his bright red locker which he stores his favorite jerserys.


This is one of his “play zones”.  A big ol’ chalkboard and a chalkboard table.  That fun lamp was made from a tennis basket that I picked up at Luckett’s Flea Market a couple years ago.  Just flipped it over and threaded a light kit from Ikea through it and used Command hooks to hang.  Easy – but totally unique lamp!  DSC_9460
Jackson was just dying when I was in his room taking pictures begging to be in every single shot so of course I’ll wrap up his tour when the cutest thing in his room!
You can view the other shared rooms of my home below:Entryway
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What do you think? Do you like the vintage truck theme for a little boys room?



  1. I love it and love the little boy that sleeps in it. Lots of Love. Glamma.

  2. Such a fun room for your little cutie :)

  3. It's so colourful! I like how you carried the wire baskets throughout the room with multiple baskets and the light fixture. Cute.


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