Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Remembering How Important Home Maintenance Is When You’re a Home Owner

HA logoThis post is brought to you by HomeAdvisor, but all thoughts, opinions, and warm fuzzy feelings are mine.
At the beginning of the season I shared a big ol’ To Do list for Fall for home care and home maintenance – how many have done any of the items?  Well I’m proud to say I’ve started tackling the list one by one.

Just as I wanted to help you make sure you’re taking care of your home with that home check list – that’s why I’m here again sharing about  Want to know what’s most awesome about HomeAdvisor? I used them even before given the opportunity to work with them.  - That’s how you know true love.

A big item on the To Do list was to power wash my house and fence.  Power washing is a big DIY no no if you’re a beginner.  Did you know there is serious damage you can do to your home if you pressure wash it improperly or with the wrong chemicals?? 

Let that be the segway to reason number one why is amazing.  It’s not like one of those websites you have to pay to become a member of to only see reviews.  It’s a full service website that allows you to see home care tips, reviews, suggestions, tips and maintenance must-do’s. Beyond just that, it allows you sign up for a particular service you’re in need of and then will find top of the line companies that will call you and let you know about their company.  It’s SO EASY!

First I jumped on the website and there’s a tab called, Cost Guide that let’s you pick any home task you may need be it exterior or indoor cleaning, roofing, interior design, general contracting, landscaping, etc etc etc.  I pulled up the cost guide for Exterior Home Cleaning for Power washing.  Right away I see the low to high average cost of power washing, plus the average cost that it’ll cost me in my area.  In addition there is a lot of information explain about the topic of power washing such as the possible dangers, questions to ask a company, benefits of it, and more. 

power washing costs
Then you can “call in the pros” and submit for a quote for your own home.  This is where you enter information about your own requested job and the more specific you can be about it, the more accurate and better results you’ll receive.

Finding a power washer
I immediately received three company suggestions for great matches for my requested job. 

power washing results
These are companies that are tested and suggested with the HomeAdvisor back up – what does that mean?
“HomeAdvisor, a subsidiary of IAC (NASDAQ: IACI), is a leading website offering comprehensive tools and resources for home improvement, maintenance and repair projects. With 13 years of expertise helping more than 25 million people find a trusted home service professional, HomeAdvisor is a cutting-edge resource in the home industry.”

It means they have your back --- and you can trust who they recommend.  I’m glad I did because I AM IN LOVE with my results of power washing which I’ll show you soon.  Not only did I have them power wash my house and fence, they also professionally cleaned my carpets inside.  They were fast, they were efficient, and they were awesome.  I already know who I’m calling next year to do the EXACT same job! 

I’m real excited to show you the amazing after the company I choose did – but let me leave you with this horrible “before”.. GAG! (seriously I’m so embarrassed)

My vow to you – my sweet readers – I will NEVER let it get this bad again!

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  1. HomeSpot HQ is another great site for staying on top of maintenance.


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