Thursday, October 17, 2013

The 7th Month Itch

I can’t believe Makenzie is already 8 months old… I know parents always say that “how time has flies”! With Jackson I never thought it did, his first year was a LONGGGGGG one as he never let me sleep.  I always thought I had a rough year and a hard first child as he just was never interested in sleeping. Now that I have Kenzie… I realize it’s full circle.  A kid can’t “have it all” so there will be pluses and there will be minuses.  She sleeps, pretty great actually.  She’s also probably the world’s HAPPIEST baby ever. BUT, she’s into EVERYTHING.  Which is new to me, because Jackson NEVER EVER was.

She’s only 8 months old and has already been kicked in the face (no tears), fallen out of a swing (no tears), colored on our bookcase with crayons, eaten a puzzle piece, opens every cupboard, climbs every ledge, chewed on about 10 electrical plugs, and taken every toy from Jackson… she does it all.  Jackson and I never get to rest, we’re constantly chasing her.

I called this the 7 month itch because we were blessed with Jackson as a big brother.  He NEVER had an ounce of jealousy since het met his little sister in the hospital.  He’s loved her far beyond words from day one, and she too has loved him beyond words from the beginning.  They had an innate love that I’ve never seen kids so young have for each other.  He was sweet with her, he was always so gentle, and carrying and helpful. 
Once that started to wear off and his hugs got a little rougher, but she loved it back.  She never cried, I never had to tell him to be more gentle, because she never minded.  He started not wanting to share his toys and wanted to be away from her, but would always give her a toy in exchange to keep her busy.  Again, we were very lucky.


DSC_9924(The duck is broken and always says hot – I swear they’re not in a hot tub)
Then the 7 month itch began.

I noticed the past few weeks have felt “harder”.  I find myself stressed and frustrated with him more and more.  “Jackson settle down” “Jackson don’t yell” “Jackson can you not laugh so loud” “Jackson don’t take her toy” “Jackson put her down” “Jackson don’t make her stand up, she doesn’t want too”…..
where’s my wine!

So what changed?  That 7 month itch of Jackson being a big brother.  She’s getting bigger, and he’s realizing it.  He’s noticing she can be more of a friend, an equal, instead of a baby.  He laughs UNCONTROLLABLY with her, usually by teasing her in some way.  And she laughs right back with him. 

It’s the beginning to the rest of my life.  I now realize they’re already building their “team”.  Where it’ll just be the two of them… without me.  He doesn’t need just me anymore….. he laughs harder with her than he ever did me.  They’re soon going to be doing things and when I ask what they’re up too “NOTHING MOM, IT’S BETWEEN US NOT YOU”….

best friends
So here’s to you sweet children of mine…. I hope that you continue to be the best of friends.  I hope you always have each other’s back.  I hope you always find pleasure in each other’s company.  I hope that you know the true meaning of a best friend because you have one in each other.  I’ll always be jealous of the bond you two have as brother and sister once I’m not included in every moment… but I’ll always smile and adore the love you have for each other.


  1. They are SO sweet together. What a great big brother and what beautiful children!

  2. Totally made me tear up!! They are soooo precious!!!

  3. So precious! It's so special as a mom to see the bond your children have with each other. So glad yours are such great buddies!

    -Erin @ DIY on the Cheap

  4. omg... what a sweet post. It's great having kids so close in age. My brother and I are 7 years apart and I was more like a maternal figure to him than a friend.


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