Monday, November 4, 2013

Hiring the Pro’s for Home Maintenance

A couple weeks ago I mentioned I brought on some help to do some home maintenance that was in much need.  After 3 years of living in our home I realized how bad our siding, trim and vinyl fence had become of filth, grime and new colonies of icky things. 

before and after of power washing was my go-to source to help me finding the best of the best to come power wash our home.  Did you know that power washing your home is actually a project amateur DIY’ers can do way more damage than good. had some great tips to ask companies when speaking with them to make sure I felt safe and secure with the job they’d do.  But, that’s only if you want to hear if for yourself because HomeAdvisor only selects the best of the best for their suggested pro’s. 

Here’s a little snapshot of the amount of information their site can provide about the job you’re looking for:
Powerwashing tips
If you’re not familiar with just a quick wrap up:
Any home maintenance type of project that you need to hire pro’s for…you can ask for help finding the right Pro company for you.  You put in a request for whatever task you’re looking for and they’ll reply with a handful of companies that meet your requirements and have the highest recommendations.
You can research your project and find the average cost, and whatever information you may need to know about it first.

I was really pleased with the company I selected because of the results.  But to be to be honest I was a little nervous at first, the morning of project day I received a call from the team asking “if I really want my fence washed?” He was asking because one of his power washers broke and he was going to have to go purchase a new one before heading my way if I wanted both the house and fence done. I was a little thrown off by this, and asserted him that Yes, I very much want my fence washed.  He arrived about three hours late, but with a new power washer. 

They jumped on the project right away…. it was kinda cool to see.  First they sprayed the home and fence with a chemical mix to break up all the ickiness.  Then followed up with the power wash of water to clean the surface.  Ready for some action shots?

Watching them up on the ladder freaked me out, I could not have done that!

MY GOODNESS ---- do you SEE that line of clean?! Goosebumps just thinking how bad it was before. (stop judging me)

Here’s a line of before/after shots in case you’re wondering if power washing your home is worth it:

AFTER: DSC_0089b
Here is one spot I was a little disappointed with…our front porch column was filthy just like the rest. 

Here’s the BEFORE:
I understand since it was a painted surface power washing can do this if the paint is chipping prior too it.  However, I was disappointed with the team because they didn’t “warn” me when taking me on a tour of the results.  They didn’t say anything about it actually.  I just felt they should have provided an explanation at least.

Overall I’m pleased with the job, and the company even though there were a few faults.  But that is with the company, my overall experience with was wonderful and will be my number one source for finding the pro’s.

Let me know if you think you’ll be adding this to your bookmark list and using them for your next pro project!

I was compensated for the value of the project and for my information about  However all opinions are mine – in fact I had this post written before the opportunity came to work with HomeAdvisor!


  1. I think I foresee this in our future. Our new house has cream siding and white soffit/fascia. We do have vinyl porch posts though, but I guess peeling paint wouldn't really bother me. Our old house was full of it. lol. But it's not like you can just touch that up. With the weathering changes you'd have to repaint the entire posts. It all looks so much nicer after though!

    1. Gale,

      I'll probably be repainting the column, so keep an eye out for tips on repainting pieces like that to help be more durable with outdoor weather.
      I do agree it looks SO much better all cleaned up :)



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