Thursday, December 5, 2013

Another pallet project–they never get old | Pallet Wood Flower Box

reclaimed pallet wood flower box 
Since I got my hands on my latest tool I’ve been wanting to do a project that was perfect for it.  I also have wanted something big, rustic and beautiful to hold a gathering of hydrangeas.  Well, turns out I can satisfy both those wants with this DIY flower box!

This was a super quick and easy afternoon DIY project but I love the rustic appeal that the pallet brings to the piece.  As you all know, I always have pallets on hand and LOVE using them in any project.  They give so much character at the exact price I love – free!

A quick round up of what you’ll need for this project:

I also used 1” nails for the nail gun.  All these wood pieces were scrap wood, but they’d still be really inexpensive to pick up at your local hardware store. 
I created a “box frame” using the 1x2” and cut two lengths of 24”.  Then cut two smaller pieces that would fit the ends.  The base is just a 1x6x24” cut piece of wood.   

I cut a mix of 1” width pallet pieces, and 1.5” to create a variation in the box.  This was also my first time using my Ryobi miter saw --- it’s awesome!!! I’m obsessed.  It makes cutting so much easier than using a circular saw.

Here’s the mixture of all my cut pallet pieces:
And here’s my baby girl close enough she watches me work, but far enough for a “safety” zone.  --- aaahhh being a mother and still trying to DIY! Jackson was inside watching a movie, he refuses to be by any of my power tools because “they’re TOO LOUD!”.
Here you can see how I lined up the ends, I used two 1” pieces, and a 1.5” piece and then rounded the corner with a  1.5”.  From the outside I just used the nail gun to attach them together.
Here you can see how I “framed the box out”.  I nailed the pallet pieces to the base, and then nailed directly into the “box frame” I created for the top edge. And, this was my first time using a nail gun so excuse my total un-evenness of where those nails ended up.  I was learning as I shot!
The rest of the project just flew along, just alternated the pallet pieces and nailed them into the base, and the box frame.

Here it was all assembled! I thought about just leaving it natural, but decided to stain it dark… I love dark pallet wood too much not too!
natural colored pallet box frameDSC_0637b
Once I let it dry, I brought it inside and filled with a few of my favorite fake (ssh don’t tell) hydrangeas. 
I love the contrast of the reclaimed wood to the delicate texture of the flowers.

I feel like I’ve done so many pallet projects lately, in case you have missed any you can recap with:
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and of course the video – how to break down a pallet

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How to make a reclaimed wood flower box

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  1. Ahh I love everything about this flower box! This would make for a great Christmas gift!


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