Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Cuteness Overload | Our November in Pictures

November was such a wonderful month!  The kids and I had so many visitors each weekend in a row it made the month fly by and with some great memories.  As you may know, we live in Virginia and both of our families live in Minnesota… actually very very close to each other (Have you ever read our “dating story"?)  Well while my husband has been deployed, I haven’t been able to get time off from my job to be able to get home for vacation so I was SO happy to hear that people were able to come visit us!

First off was Billy’s parents, my in-laws.  I’m one of those lucky gals – I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE my in-laws and having them come into town is super fun.  While they were here it was Jackson’s birthday so we had fun celebrating that (a post coming later on how we celebrated).  Plus we went to Williamsburg which is about an hour away and met with some family relatives for lunch and to walk around the city/old-town.  It’s so gorgeous there and such a unique area. We don’t get there enough for only being an hour away.

The weather was was perfect Fall day so picturing taking was a breeze.20131116_135829
virgina 50
virgina 14b
virgina 10b
Jackson is in that age where he kinda refuses to take “great” pictures so I was SOOOOOOOOOOO happy to get this shot. It’s my FAVORITE of him in such a long while.
virgina 7
Course, I get lots of cute shots of this gal.20131116_113407
Something about those walking behind shots that are so great.
Fall. Nature. Old Fences. Animals. Just all perfect.20131116_120011
Next in town was my brother which was AMAZING! It was the first time he’s visited me since we moved from Minnesota and it was sooooooooo great to have that one on one time with him again.  Whenever we visit back in MN we are pretty busy balancing time out with both families and whatever festivities are going on.  So just having him  here for the weekend was so nice. 

This picture cracks me up – talk about Mr & Ms Serious?! SMILE WOULD YA!20131124_165935
Then I was so happy to have my parents come visit the weekend of Thanksgiving!  It felt so nice to have people here for Thanksgiving because had no one come we would have ordered pizza.  One of the hardest times is the holiday season to have your husband deployed – wah wah. 

It was another pretty relaxing weekend.  Well, I say that for the ladies… Jackson always keeps the guys that visit on the go and quite busy.  20131128_154340
Turkey day coma. 20131128_174726
Something about seeing my parents being grandparents is so nice.  I’m sure it’s a similar feeling they get to see their children be parents.  But whenever my dad is taking pictures of my mom and the grandkids it just makes me smile. 
The last night they were in town we went to a restaurant I’ve been wanting to try for a while.  My kids are pretty great while we go out to eat.  And since Makenzie started eating solid food pretty early on it makes dining out easier.  This dinner however, was HYSTERICAL.  I usually always just order her a side of steamed broccoli but she wasn’t having it that night so I gave her pieces of my pasta to keep her busy.  Wellllll she ended up eating ALL OF IT.  It was this pesto style pasta that had a TON of herbs and she could NOT get it in her mouth fast enough. It was cracking us up. 
Then of course we had some fun playing some last night video games Smile20131129_231300
We went to Williamsburg too just for something to do and get out of the house.  We didn’t realize that the farmers market was going on and it was PACKED… and actually REALLY cold.  Still an enjoyable time though.

I love seeing my kids being such cute siblings.  It’s like the greatest reason to be a parent is seeing your kids loving each other. 
“LOOK MOM I’M A SCARECROW” --- why do I love kids mind’s so much!20131130_141614
And as I said….. it was a weeeeeeeeeeee bit colder than the other weekend.  But I think Kenzie rocks my moms scarf quite well!20131130_142839
Jackson was in another “no picture mood” so I stole a few shots w/ my baby girl – matching scarf and all.  20131130_143759
I finally snuck ONE picture with him – though he’s so serious.  Maybe he’ll be a high-fashion model some day Winking smile
I realize now I didn’t take any pictures of Thanksgiving Day of cooking or the actual meal – but I did try and sneak in some pictures of the kids…. And I’m  not gonna lie, sometimes I can’t handle how much I love dressing a sweet baby girl up.  2013-11-28_1385670827
Have I mentioned Jackson REALLY hates pictures lately?? hahahaha!  Then he always looks through my phone or facebook and complains there’s no pictures of him… really Jackson?
How many of you made it through all those pictures??? Maybe that is proof I need to do more family posts so I don’t load you all up with 30 pictures in one post hahaha!!!

PS for those that know – the final countdown is ON for hub’s return!!!!!!!!!! whoooop!


  1. I made it through them all and enjoyed your comments. I bet you and your husband can't wait for him to be home. Thankful for your guys sacrifices.

  2. Cute pictures! Your kiddos are so adorable. :)


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