Thursday, January 2, 2014

A DIY reflection of 2013 | Top Posts from PB&Jstories

2013 round up
2014 is going to be a year of moving forward as a family.  I have loved being a homeowner the past few years and this year I really jumped ahead and got a lot finished around the house for “makeover” projects. Here’s a quick reflection on a few things I did around our house…. Kitchen Makeover
Our Kitchen Makeover: What I loved about this project was the fact we didn’t have it in our budget to completely redo the face of our kitchen.  No remodeling, no demolition, no new countertops or cabinets.  Not even resurfacing.  All we did was add a backsplash and a few new light and it transformed our kitchen and made it so much more inviting.

PBJstories Baby Girl Nursery RevealThis was one of biggest overhaul project I did of 2013… my baby girl’s nursery.  It’s still to date one of my favorite places in our home though… I loved every element, texture, color and design I brought into that room and love the scheme is something she can grow with.

PBJstories Dipped Outdoor Bench
Next up was a lot simpler of a project, but sometimes it’s the little things that count.  Our dipped outdoor bench scored one of the highest posts of 2013, and I understand why.  Not everyone has the budget, capability or time to makeover entire rooms.  Sometimes a little detailed inspiration is all we need.  I still love this thrifty makeover that I did and smile when I am greeted with it when I come home.

Converting a recessed light
Next up is a useful how to: How to change a recessed light to a pendant hanging one.  Most homes comes with the recessed lighting which are great for rooms with a lot of light, but when you want that accent piece – knowing how to change one out is the perfect how to.

how to break down a pallet
I’m so thrilled my first ever video made it to one of my top posts!  I made this video, sponsored by 3M DIY, on how to break down a pallet the easy way.  With all the AMAZING pallet project inspirations out there, this is a great video to learn how to break down and get yourself some great reclaimed wood.

Gallery wall built with wire and wood using instagram picturesInstagram – who isn’t on it!  My Instagram Gallery Wall display is one of my favorite home d├ęcor projects I did this year.  I love being able to see the pictures of our family and moment I’ve captured displayed in such a fun way.  We don’t have the same for frames all over so this is just perfect for our home.


And last but not least, I’m so happy that one of my favorite places to relax made it as a top post this year.  This transformation added a room to our home.  Our backyard patio makeover was one of the greatest transformations I’ve ever done.  It went from a very blah concrete slab to a relaxed retreat with comfort and design.  I LOVE it… especially since I’ve added the black door to it since.

Thank you to ALL OF YOU who support, read, encourage, share and keep coming back to  Without you, I’d just be rambling to myself… but you truly make me feel a part of a community and continue to make each year of blogging better than the previous.

I’d love it if you had a favorite post of mine this year that wasn’t on this list and let me know in the comments --- I’d love to know what you personally have loved hearing from me!

Here’s to an amazing 2014 and all our new adventures!


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