Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Fixing Grout Lines | Kitchen Update

Sometimes being a homeowner means doing home maintenance and not just home makeovers.  Recently we did an update on our kitchen, installed new backsplash, replaced with a new sink and faucet, updated the lights, and replaced the dishwasher.

Well when we installed the backsplash the grout that we used for in between the tiles filled the seal in between the counter and tiles well enough we were hoping it’d hold out.  Over time, especially near the sink, it started to crack and have pieces break out leaving an exposed spot between the tile and counter.  This isn’t good because as you can guess water can leak through the hole and then get water behind your counters and eventually grow mold. EWE. 
fixing grout lines
Because I was removing grout, and not old caulking my removal process is similar but not the exact same.  Silicone based caulk (used mostly on windows, doors and counter top seams) typically won’t become as hard as dried out as caulk will.  To remove the old grout I used a 5 in 1 tool and cleared out all the old caulk along the seam.
fixing grout lines
old grout
Here’s where I got a little confused.  I expected the proper caulk to be in the tiling area of Lowe’s and to have a variety of basic colors to match typical grout to match your tiling job. Nope. Nothing I could find.  So I went to the paint section and found what I needed however they only had white, clear and “almond” color. 

I used the water proof silicone that you can use in the picture.  There’s another similar kind that says it’s silicone waterproof but made for exteriors --- I thought that’d word best but the guy helping me actually said that will break down a LOT faster and mold and did not it.  So I stuck to what he said and purchased this one.  I can tell it’ll hold it’s seal for a longgggggggggggggg time and is exactly what I needed.
silicone caulk for kitchen countertop
Almond color was kind of a light brown/gray which was close enough to what I needed to match the grout and tile color.  It’s not 100% perfect, and if I did want the exact color they can special order it.  But, I was more in a “just do it” mood.
fixing grout lines
Most of the gaps along the counter top were thing enough one line of caulk and smoothing it with my finger was enough.  However by the kitchen sink the gap was a little bigger so I did one line of caulk, let it dry a couple minutes then did a second line over it and smoothed that out with my finger.
fixing grout lines
fixing grout lines
It’s not the most thrilling DIY project in the books – but even us gals need to do some dirty work for home maintenance Winking smile


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  1. Oh man. This makes me want to redo the mess our rental has. But aint nobody got time to fix up a rental!


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