Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Lushing and Gushing over Fabrics

One thing I barely DIY is anything using fabric and/or sewing.  Even if I were to make a simple envelope style pillow cover I’d be patting myself on the back more than had I just built a new deck or something.

However, a recent project I’m working on DID have me searching for a new fabric and one of my favorite websites for fabrics is SpoonFlower.com.  They have such a variety of fabrics, anything for any project.  While I browsing I came across a few patterns and color schemes I would LOVEEEE to be able to use someday, but I never would.  They’re too bold, too exciting, and too wonderful for my style.  Instead I’ll just pin them onto a I wish board and dream that someday I’ll do more in my home than neutrals and solids. 

Watercolor Herringbone in Pink
Watercolor Herringbone in Pinks

I love the colors, the patterns, the patterns within patterns.  It’s all so exciting and would so great in a young girls room or a tween I think!

Black & White Triangles
Black & White Triangles
I think this one appeals to me because my recent obsession with the organic leggings that are popular for kids.  I’d totally buy a pair of leggings made of these for her!

Bouquet Navy Large
bouquet navy large
This one screams to me…calls my name…pulls my heart…turns me into a puddle.  I picture this one as a big accent piece in a fancy living room with bold accent colors and gold trimmed furniture. 

The Doctor --- I didn’t name these, don’t look at me

Again, not sure why this one appeals to me.  Again, I can picture them as leggings.  But I still wouldn’t be able to wear them… too bold.  But I know many fashionable ladies that could ROCK this as leggings.

I am not sure even how or where I’d use this fabric, but I do love it.  Perhaps as a headband for baby girl, or maybe as the top part of the current trending moccasins.

Do you like any of these??? Am I weird?  Sometimes I really wish my d├ęcor style was bold enough to use colors and patterns like these.  Then sometimes I like the calming nature of neutrals and solids…feels comfortable, homey, calming.

I asked the other day which fabric you’d pick for an accent piece of furniture: 1, 2, 3 or 4 top to bottom:

Hands down 3 and 4 were chosen.  And this time I did it – I went with something a little more “fun” for my piece of furniture, I brought home #3  ….. I’m still waiting on a few more items to finish the piece so no reveals yet! But soon!!

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  1. The one titled The Doctor is because it's T.A.R.D.I.S's and sonic screwdrivers in the background.

    Don't ask me how I know this....*adjusts fez and bow tie*


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