Monday, January 6, 2014

My 2014 Word | Grow

grow title
In 2014 I want to grow.
Not in height – I’m tall enough.

I want to grow as a wife.
as a mother.
as a worker.
as a blogger.
as a communicator.
as a do-er.
as a person.

grow quotevia

We all start the year with big goals, high expectations, and a list full of dreams.  Well this year, I’m keeping it simple. I’m taking it back to four simple letters.

grow bannervia

How am I going to grow?

I’m going to reflect.I want to reflect on the great days with my family, and write down to remember WHY those moments are great so I can do those more often. I want to reflect on what things my husband and I argue about, so I can work on my behaviors to eliminate from making the same mistakes.

I’m going to learn.  I want to research, study and embrace more in the world so I can build my strengths at work, blogging, and as a person.  I’m going to listen to those around me and learn what makes their world go round; I’m going to learn what I can bring to the them to make their days better.

I’m going to love.  I want to be more kind to those around me.  I want to embrace the challenges my children give me.  I want to forgive more and hug often.  I want to embrace that at the end of the day, it’s the people you love in life you want surrounding you.

grow yarnvia

I’m going to keep coming back to this word – grow.  I’m going to remind myself, each opportunity in life is a chance to grow.

Something I haven’t been able to do in quite some time is be able to answer a simple list of questions about myself.  I don’t know my own answers to these types of questions:

Favorite color
Favorite scent
Favorite food
Favorite movie
Favorite sounds
Favorite beverage
Favorite singer
Favorite pastime
Things that excite me visually
The style of art I appreciate
What type of fashion I desire most
If I could travel anywhere in the world, where would I go

Isn’t that weird?  I find that weird.  I hope by the end of this year I can reflect on myself and the world around me enough I learn these things about myself.
Stay tuned, I’ll keep ya posted!

Have you chosen a word of the year for 2014?


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