Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The REAL Way to Clean the Oven | The Final Truth

easiest way to get a clean oven
Alright ladies and gentlemen (I actually wonder if I have any gentlemen that read my blog)…. Our oven has been a disaster for a really long time.  It’s kinda weird how dirty those things get.  What goes on in there?  I’m pretty sure the food just sits on the cookie sheet… or dish and just cooks??  But the way my oven looked before it was like there was a mass party every single night in there…..and all the residents got sick in there the next morning.  (too much?)

We have tried SO many different tactics to clean it and really..nothing has worked.

easyoffWe’ve tried chemical filled cleaners like Easy-Off.  The only thing that really came off with that was my husbands skin.. yah he got some bad burns from that stuff. Plus it gives off crazy fumes so the kids and I had to vacate the home for quite a few hours.   But what was there after we returned – most of the filth and grime still on the glass.epic-fail


Next we tried the “easy” approach to just dusting the glass with baking soda and using a sponge with a scrub side and warm water to “erode” the filth off the glass.  Why I thought this would work when a can of toxic chemicals didn’t work… not sure.  But you can guess it… it didn’t work. FailedStamp
homemade oven cleaner


Then we tried the infamous Pinterest recipe of the baking soda/vinegar/lemon mixture.  All that did was go through a roll of paper towels trying to clean up the paste that was created. 

failedI was getting so frustrated and was honestly debating just buying a new oven.  But then figure replacing your oven every few years just because you can’t get it cleaned isn’t really practical.

magic eraser
Then I tried the most magic tool I own… the Magic Eraser.  I even upgraded to the extra strong kitchen line…. Did nothing on the build up.

At this point I was convinced my husband and his friends did some type of science experiment and tried baking liquid cement inside a balloon which erupted and that’s ACTUALLY what all the grime was – discolored cement.

So my last desperate efforts… I was strolling the cleaning product aisle of Lowe’s and picking up my favorite degreaser for the stove top (we make a lot of bacon and pot stickers…grease splatters everywhere).  When one of those oven cleaning kits caught my eye.  It was actually made for the stove top.  It came with a stove top safe solution and a little scraper that had a razor blade pop out of the top.  It was safe for stove tops so I thought I’d give it a try on the oven glass.

Cerama Bryte Cooktop Scraper
It all scrapped off so easy it took less than 5 minutes.  Then I just sprayed it with my good ol’ degreaser spray and one paper towel later my window was finally clean again!


So now I have my go to method of the easiest way to get MY oven the cleanest.  And if you’re wondering – no the razor did not scratch the glass either. 

gross oven before shot
clean oven afterwards on pbjstories
Disclaimer: I don’t mean to call anyone out that has done the previous methods that failed for me and worked for others.  I just want to give credit where due for the images use.  I’m glad those methods worked for them because I wish they had worked for me months ago when I tried them!!!



  1. Wow thank you! I've seen so many ideas on Pinterest etc and its nice to see one from someone I trust and know it works! Will be trying this soon!

  2. This looks great! Did you use it on the rest of the oven after it worked so well on the glass?


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