Monday, February 24, 2014

Golden Dipped Initial–The Letter M | Home Decor

painting with modern masters metallic paint
Okay confession the first picture is just for my own pleasure – I’m slowly trying to learn more and more about Photoshop.  I was working on my metallic font effect in PS.  Still love the picture though – two of my favorite things, paint & a Purdy brush!

Onto the real deal:

tutorial for golden dipped letter
I love big chunky letters.   I love gold and metallics.  I love the dipped effect (may be a “trend” but it’s probably going to be a timeless look in my décor). 

Super easy tutorial but I’ll still give a step by step.  But as you can guess it’s mostly just tape, paint, peal off tape, and enjoy!

I ordered my big chunky letter online and it was cut from MDF so a very light wood color when I received it.  I stained it in Minwax Provincial (like I stain anything in something else).  Then I just used painters tape to cut the straight line.  I wanted a lot more dipped effect than usual. Typically your “dipped” is the lower 1/3 of the piece, but I wanted it mostly gold with just a touch of unpainted at the top. 

I used Modern Masters champagne metallic paint.  I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE their paint!  I’ve used it in my daughters nursery for her ceiling and also this past Christmas on a holiday sign I made. 

The paint goes on really thin so you just have to do multiple thin layers.  As you can see above the first couple layers leave a lot of brush strokes.  After about 3 thin layers I didn’t see any brush strokes and had a smooth fully painted surface.

Next up – have your beautiful assistant help you take the tape off.  She was pretty excited – I think she’s a genius and knew this was for her. Logical.

It’s the perfect small addition to her room.  A personalized touch that matches her bedroom theme.

A nice quick afternoon weekend project. 


  1. Really cute. I have a giant M hanging out at home for our last name and haven't done anything with it yet. Might need to check out this paint.

    1. You should definitely look into it! I LOVE their paint!

  2. Hi is this a two tone color


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