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Smash that Cake Baby Girl | Family Post

baby girl cake smash
How in the world did 12 months go by?  I wish someone would have warned me that a second child isn’t like the first.  You don’t get to soak in every second, you get like every other hour if that.  I mean come on people!

So. Her cake smash.  It was PERFECT.  But, it didn’t go perfectly as planned.  As you may have recalled if you follow me on Facebook I asked a few different d├ęcor settings for her cake smash.  I thought about this for a while… I wanted something perfect for her, unique to bring attention, but easy going to allow for the unexpected.  I had LOTS of ideas.. but my final idea was this..
white backdrop.  white distressed wood floor. BIG fluffy “vintage” purple tutu, a soft pink rosette cake with white inside,  and a cluster of clear balloons with confetti inside.  Confetti the color of mauve, blush, teal, silver, glitter.  I searched online and in stores for DAYSSSSSSSSSSSSSS for confetti that fit what I wanted.  I planned to have my balloons filled and ready for pick up the morning of the shoot by Party City.  So a week before the shoot I went and spoke with them double checking that if I brought in clear balloons and confetti they’d just fill them and be ready for pick up, and they said yes absolutely.  So I searched for two weeks for my perfect color scheme.  Couldn’t find it in the turn around time I wanted.  So then two nights before her shoot I go back to Party City to choose the best colors I can of their confetti and schedule the balloon pick up. I was in there for about a half hour while my husband and two kids waiting in the car and pushing dinner time…aka…”stress time”.  I finally bring everything up to the counter to pay and schedule… NOPE. “Sorry Mam, we can’t use anything put tissue paper confetti inside balloons”. 
:::Enter internal mental and emotional breakdown::How was this not brought to my attention earlier, like a week ago when I talked details with them that they could do this for me.  Needless to say, my entireeeeeeeeeeeee plan that was centered around the clear balloons with confetti inside was SQUASHED, 36 hours before her photo shoot. I cried.  a lot. Poor husband did not know how to comfort me since usually I’m all “I can handle anything and a big DIYer who tackles everything” yet here I was crying over cake smash decorations. oh wait…did I mention I’m SUPER stressed about this whole moving to Minnesota side note that effected this situation.

Well I felt like I had this pressure of perfection.  I mean we kinda nailed our baby announcement, and then we nailed our gender announcement. I felt like her 1st birthday had to be EPIC. And I was worried that this the fact I centered this entire photo session around a cluster of balloons with confetti in it was going to ruin everything.

Here’s where reality sinks in.  Fast forward to the time of the photo session: SHE HATED THE CAKE. Refused to take a bite, threw up when she finally got a bit of frosting in her mouth.  She wanted NOTHING to do with it.  Wait… where are those balloons I cried over? Oh right. Who cares. This photo shoot is capturing my baby girl in her essence… not capturing her mom’s perfect decorating planning.
Luckily though I was able to show up at  Teal Tree Studio where we got our session done and she had the PERFECT pendant banner to add to the background as a subtle detail.  No, there’s nothing truly “unique” or “trend worthy” about her session…. but I love it none the less, actually I love it more!

Photo time:

Do you feel that? Your heart skip a beat? That’s because you just fell in love with chunky baby thighs and so much happiness exploding from her face.   soak it in

Now… the question is… which ones do I develop??

And quick shout out to those that DID make this happen:
Teal Tree Studios: Can’t say enough about her… she is so calm and easy going she made the whole thing effortless.  Not to mention she offers an all in one deal for cake smashes.  If I wanted I literally could have shown up w/ a naked baby and she would have dressed her, set the stage, provided the cake and taken pictures ALL IN HER BUNDLE PRICE.  I of course, tried to make it harder.s
Kutie’s Tutus: There’s a million and one tutu shops on Etsy, billions more in the world. But, Kimberly from KutieTutu’s is the best. I mean… do you SEE THE FLUFFINESS OF HER TUTU. Yeah. She worked with me so much to be sure the color scheme I wanted was what I was getting.  We messaged back and forth A LOT and she’s a busy gal, but she was always willing to help deal with my little details and perfection points.  Needless to say… when her tutu arrived I was SO HAPPY.  Incredible value for an incredible price. If you’re looking to buy a baby girl tutu, seriously. Visit her etsy shop, they’re amazing.

no these were not sponsored they’re just awesome sports of my crazy baby perfectionist antics so they deserve big shout outs.



  1. Pamela,

    Where did that time go? She is adorable and the pictures turned out great. Happy Birthday sweet little girl.

  2. This is THE BEST cake-smashing session I've ever seen! But my fave is where you're nose-to-nose with her. So precious.

  3. One word: BEAUTIFUL! She is so precious and you all captured her personality perfectly! Children change everything don't they? What a blessed gift she is and I'm she has the best mama ever!

  4. Ooops! I meant to type, I'm happy she has the best mama ever!


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