Thursday, February 13, 2014

The BIG news… And a long moment to reflect | Home Tour

leaving post

Eyes are filled with tears.  Lip is bitten. Hands are shaking.

We’re moving.

It’s good.  It’s actually great.  We have been a military family since 2008 and been away from our family and life long friends since then.  My husband has finished his term in the United States Navy and showed civilian life how to be a #boss by landing an amazing career with a company he dreamed to work for. 
We’ll be living within minutes of our family and friends that we haven’t seen more than quick visits in 6 years.  Our kids are going to be able to play with their cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents.  There isn’t any problems or consequences to the fact we’re moving to Minnesota. 

What is sad, for me, is the fact of leaving VA.  Going to MN is great, but leaving VA is hard for me.  Leaving the life and friends we’ve made here in VA.  My son has spent three years growing in a school that know his quirks, personality and humor.  My daughter has been welcomed into a family daycare that love and treat her as their own.  I have worked for a company for three and a half years that has helped shaped me as a person.  I’ve met people, best friends, that have helped me grown as a person, a mom, a worker, a every way.   My husband and I have learned how to be a family, how to be parents, doing it “on our own”.  ( I say on our own because we’re blessed to have parents that have flown down to VA to be at our rescue within days notice when we’ve needed it). the super dorky DIYer way of me.. I’m sad to be leaving this home.  This house we turned into a home.  It’s our first home we’ve owned, our first roots, our first footprint in this big scary world as we became official adults.  And now we’re handing the keys off to tenants… and we’ll now crown the title “Landlords”.  We are unable to sell yet because of lack of equity, so we’re renting out our home… hopefully to a lovely family that will love these walls as much as I have. It’d be a blessing to provide a home for a family that is not quite ready to purchase yet but still wants to feel like their rental is a home.

A “quick” reflect on the stages and process of this house in the past three years!

Curb Appeal

2011: First year of moving in:
2013: Still trying to learn how to garden – but getting there:
Summer Front Door
2010: Walking in the first day - Before:
2011: First entryway post:DSC_1735b
2013: A later version:DSC_8624b
Living Room2010: Unpainted naked before:  DSC_0122
2011: First year and half:DSC_0889
2013: A more recent post:  pbjstories living room
Still pretty outdated but I cannot get a shot of our living room that I love!

2010: Simple Kitchen Before: 
Not bad…but not amazing.
2013: After our Kitchen update:
Kitchen 1
Kitchen 3
Master Bedroom
2010: Before (I cringe): 
2011: Post-Makeover:Master Bedroom 1
Master Bedroom 2
Jackson’s Room 2012: Never took a “before” in his room – just been little by little updates along the way:
3rd Bedroom/Makenzie’s Nursery

2010: The worst of all before’s – when it was a “dump” pile room:
2011: It’s mini makeover when it was a spare bedroom:
2013: Her nursery:  3rd Bedroom 2
3rd Bedroom 1
2012: 2nd Full bathroom/Modern Kid Bathroom Makeover:
2nd Full Bathroom 1
2nd Full Bath 2
Backyard Patio Area2010: The Dreaded Before:    DSC_9173b
2013: The Happy After:  Backyard Patio
It’s crazy how much we’ve done to this home in just three years.  Now I am spending every night trying to get it totally ready for another family to live in it. 

Have you wondered what this move means for my blog?  Well let’s just say – get ready for some crazy times!  I plan to completely take you along on this journey…. I’ll piece together what the next upcoming months means for us.. but it’s going to get interesting Winking smile


  1. Congrats, I am happy for you. Good luck and God bless.

  2. I know how hard a move can be when you've poured your heart into your home and you're leaving behind friends who are like family. God speed as you make a new life in MN. [hugs]

  3. Good luck with the move! And I know you'll find a house you love just as much, and you'll have so much fun starting over and turning it into your home too! We are renting out our first house too for the same reason. It's been ok so far, but of course we'd love to sell it as soon as we can. Hope all goes well!

    -Erin @ DIY on the Cheap

  4. My husband retired after 20 years 3 years ago. In some ways you'll miss the Navy and it might be a challenge adjusting to civilian life, but you'll love it. Congratulations!

  5. Great reflection and I wish you the best of luck with your move. Just think... another house to make a home! xo Jenna

  6. I could have written this! We are also moving back across the country (not until this summer) to be closer to family after living away from them for 6 years. I'm dreading it, but also looking forward to our kids getting to know and form relationships with their extended family. You did an amazing job on your home!! Good luck with everything. I can't wait to see how you will transform your new house! :)

  7. I loved watching it happen in real time and always felt welcome in your home! It was nice to have the virtual tour. So excited to have you all back in MN and now I have a designer living local. Whoop whoop.
    Loves of love...your MIL.

  8. Being by family is the best. Cannot wait to watch the next house evolve!

  9. I am so happy for ya'll. I grew up in Northern VA and miss it(Not the traffic or expense but the lifestyle) Married to a military man 12 years active duty and now retiring from National Guard. It is a crazy life but a wonderful life. We military wives are so strong. I had three children and lost one during that time. It is amazing the family military provides. Though my children were not able to share everything with cousins they knew them. We also rent two of our previous homes. It is easier if you look at them as an investment from the day you know you are leaving until you sell for good. We love being landlords 90% of the time. Good luck in all you do.

  10. Best of luck on the move! Sounds like a great opportunity for you all!

  11. MN will be welcoming you back with open arms, I am sure your family is ecstatic. I can see why you are sad, you are leaving what now feels like home to you and ypur family after 6 years. Glad you have some renters for your beautiful home, takes some of the stress off of you. Good luck!

  12. I'm so excited for you guys!!!! I know this is something you've been waiting for -- for a while now. I can't wait to see what DIY projects you take on at your new place!

  13. I SOOOOOO get this. We moved to Nashville, TN when our first kiddo was just 11 months old. 3 years and 3 additional kiddos later, we had the chance to move back to our hometown and families. BUT. Nashville was where, like you said, we learned to be parents, made amazing friendships, and grew in our careers, and really poured into a house. Leaving was SO bittersweet. I'm excited to e-follow along on your new journey!


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