Monday, March 31, 2014

Peek a boo -- here I am!

Hey strangers! Remember me?  Geez where have I been?

Oh limbo - that's right.

Nah.. it's been good!  We finally made it through the big move from VA to MN.  We're currently living with my in-laws while we're doing a big home search.
We're lucky enough to have both families nearby and are helping us through this big transition from military Navy life to settling down up here.

We're living in my in-laws basement and lucky enough to each have our own rooms.  As I was frantic about getting our house in VA ready for renting, everyone here was getting a new room ready just special for Jackson.  They took an unfinished part of their basement and transformed it into one of the cutest rooms anyone ever did see.
Still need to take pictures and post that for everyone to see!  They managed to pull of a very cute sports/teenage ninja turtles theme!  He' LOVED it and loved his big boy bed upgrade to bunk beds.

My husband has been enjoying his new job still, not sure if he REALLY REALLY loves it, or just LOVES not being in the military anymore.  We're still finding a routine for the mornings as we're not used to both being awake - but the extra help with the kids is amazing.
So this is what normal family life is like ;)

Well I wanted to pop in and say HI! and share some lately's from Instagram as I haven't had time yet to jump into DIY's here.  Hopefully soon though!!

One of the nicer things about the military --- being able to use them for the move! They bring in packers who pack up all our things, then the next day they come move and bring it up to MN for us!
Though, all our stuff is in storage until we do find ourselves a home.

Saying goodbye of our home -- last picture :)

You would NOT believe the day we had flying back to MN!  I was SO mad at the time I didn't even post anything about it on any of my social media's because I couldn't handle even going into discussions about it.  Now that I'm cooled down (three weeks later hehe) want to hear a story?

I choose a flight that was perfect for our schedule, not too early in the morning, nice easy layover for connecting flights, and got to MN late afternoon so not rushed for dinner/bedtime.
Security had a LONG line which was unexpected so was in line for 20 minutes (long for Norfolk airport) when I finally get up.  I'm a great flyer with kids - I have getting through security down to every detail. Per usual, I get everything on the belt (which if you don't know if you have a stroller you have to fold that down and put that up on the belt - sucks).  So manage to get all that done, walk through security they do the typical hand swipe because carrying an infant. They tell me they have to do a full pat down now... but continue just standing around not doing anything. 10 minutes went by of me just standing there holding my 1 year old, 5 year old next to me and our stuff just in a massive traffic jam on the belt.  By now I'm peeved and it's cutting close to missing my flight. I start getting upset asking what's taking so long why aren't they doing a pat down on me.
They tell me they need to wait for a second person and a private room.  YUP - they weren't just doing a pat down on me.  They had to take all 3 of us into a private room and take out EVERY single item out of my laptop bag, diaper bag, my son's back pack.  They had to swipe every single item and do a full detail pat down on me (like including checking down my pants). By now it had been 45 minutes and I missed my flight.  I was LIVID. It was the most unorganized slow process EVER.  No one communicated with me at all why or what they were doing.
The entire time during the search Makenzie was crying and they told me I couldn't touch her or give her anything so she just sat there crying and Jackson had to stand against a wall in this tight cramped room.
Once they finished all they said was "okay you can go now". I grabbed my stuff and held my tears in SO HARD I was so angry.  TSA was not a friend of mine that day.
I ended up having to completely reschedule my flights and ended up having to wait 2 hours for a new flight and then had a 3 hour layover so we didn't get in until about 930 at night.   Kids were over tired and exhausted and it was just a MESS of a day.

But after all that --- we landed in MN and I was greeted with both our families and Jackson got to be ruined with his best friend, his cousin Yaya. All was forgotten of our terrible day.

Hanging out with Papa and our 4 feet of Minnesota Snow!
"Going on a bear hunt"

Baby girl hanging out with my parents dog.  I swear she's trying to ask me if we can get one.


Baby girl is super active - 13 months old and already able to go down the flight of stairs by herself.

A moment that only happens in MN -- it was 15 degrees out and my mom asks me to stop at DQ for ice cream?!

Baby girl's first swim in a pool!

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But I swear I do have some posts coming up soon and should be back on a regular schedule soon!

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