Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Ultimate To Do List for our House

You all know we're literally knee deep in our kitchen renovation and that was the first project we really jumped into from Day 1 of owning the house. 

We have big dreams for this house, and buying a fixer upper it's important to know what projects are sprints, and which are the marathons. There isn't one nook, one cranny, one spot in this home that will "eventually" be made over by us. The first of which was our kitchen - and that my friends is what initially will take us on our journey of turning this house into a home. 

I wanted a spot I could document, along with all of you, what are big To Do list for projects are, and which we've accomplished.  So I thought I'd do a full Home To Do list here, and come back often to scratch it off our list, if and when we complete any of our tasks.

Now this is actually a very "broad" list at this time.  I think I'm going to do individual posts with a more detailed list per each section, or project come closer to that time.

Cosmetic Changes:
Removing popcorn ceilings in bedrooms and hallway
Replacing hallway door with glass door
Removing hallway "laundry shoot"
Replacing hallway lights
Replacing hallway doorbell

Exterior of the House:

Remove cedar shingles

Replace with new facing - siding?
Replace Mailbox
Scrap paint off exterior windows
Repaint Exterior Windows
Rebuild front "garden bed"
Add lighting/features

Add unique house numbers

Demo Screened in Patio
Create paver patio with seating and fireplace

Tear down old "kid swing set"
Sand and re-stain existing wooden play set
Replace wire fence with wooden fence

Home Maintenance:

Landscape entire yard (front, sides, back)

Cut down multiple trees

Break up existing driveway - replace
Replace Foundation around garage

Replace/Add Fire Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Replace deadbolts/locks on exterior doors
Replace door knobs for bedroom doors
Add proper exterior lighting at entryway, garage, and driveway

Replace all new baseboards

Replace all new door/window casing

Add crown molding
Expand Den doorframe

Flip Basement Stairwell

Expand Exterior Entrance

Build new deck in back yard

Room Makeovers:

Front Living Room


Dining Room


Work Space

Master Bedroom Phase I and Phase II

Jackson’s Room

Makenzie’s Room

Upstairs Bathroom

Downstairs Bathroom

Laundry/Utility Room

Obviously each "room makeover" has 100 to do's for each room, as not a single room is just a cosmetic change.  With each room, I'll be doing an entire gut and making it over including rebuilding closets, replacing doors, adding new trim and molding, new fixtures, etc etc.

Now, who wants to come help us?


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  1. I know these lists are daunting but it feels good to write them out. Even if a few years later you are still looking at them unfinished. Looking forward to the finished spaces!


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