Thursday, July 31, 2014

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A few weeks ago I shared about our kitchen renovation update... we're still chugging away on that project.  During it though I try to find time to start tackling some other parts of our house so it's more move in ready once that time comes (once we complete our kitchen). 

I began with Baby Girl's room because it's the smallest so was being sure I could "chew what I bit off".  Also, it's the first time I was installing baseboards and casing myself, so figured the smaller the better. 

I decided to go bold with her bedroom color as I've mentioned... it's a dark purple that I typically would NEVER pick. But, it spoke to me (after 7 paint samples and endless Pinterest searches).  So I grabbed my paintbrush and got to it....

 pssstt this is UNSPONSORED SHOUT OUT TO HOMERIGHT ... their EZ-Twist Paintstick makes painting a room slick as ever.  In fact the first time my husband used it the words straight from his mouth, "I could crush rooms with this".

I wanted to update all the baseboards and casing in the home, not only to give them a fresh crisp white paint job... but to also bulk them up and bring in a little craftsman style.  So the room needed to have all the baseboards, door casing and trim removed...then I painted the whole room.  Then I installed new trim and painted those up!

But... dealing with a home from the 50's and plaster walls... as a "newbie" I had a few challenges to overcome... like what to do when NOTHING IS SQUARE... orrrr what to do when it all looks like CR*P when you reveal below the original trim..

I will say, once I was able to complete the trim work I could instantly see the upgrade look of it.  Then after two coats of primer (Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3®) and then two coats of our top coat color it looks AMAZING.  Selecting a trim color was actually a more difficult choice than expected.  I asked my Facebook friends what their opinions was and received great feedback.
After testing a few whites in our lighting I decided to go with Sherwin Williams ProClassic Interior Acrylic Latex Enamel in Greek Villa.

Once that was all said and done I switched out the outdated fan that was in there with just a flush mount light for now.  All of our belongings are still in boxes and after opening about 6 of them to find her original light chandelier I gave up so I'll just replace that at a later time. 

Her closet beforehand was BRIGHT pink, so smothered that with a new coat of white paint and ripped out the old closet rod which was not only too high but just ugly.  I'll be putting in some shelves and rods to make it more organized for a toddler-age closet.

Since her room was kind of the "do it as I go and figure it out" method of installing the trim, now I have it down and once I begin in J's room I'll be sure to take clear step by step pictures to show you all how I went about updating it all.

So overall here's what I did in her room so far to have it be "move in ready"
Removed popcorn ceiling
Removed old baseboards and casings
Removed old door and closet door
Replaced register and air vent and cleaned the vents
Painted the room and closet
Installed in baseboards and casing
Scraped off old paint job on window, patched, resealed for no more air leaks
Replaced old fan with new light fixture
Still to do:
Replace the outlets and light switch from dated yellow-tone to white faces
Replace with new light switch and outlet face plates
Decorate entire room



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