Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Update of Week 9 of Renovations | #PBJreno

Apparently renovations take a long time when you do them yourselves.  But we have progress so that's a plus!!!  I wanted to jump in and share a few recent shots I've been able to take and do a quick sum up of what we've had going on. 
We're on Week 9 of #pbjreno and
here's a glimpse into the space and what it looks like now:

What we've been doing since my last update:
  • Laid sub-floor in the kitchen and dining room
  • Removed a support post and installed a new 14' header
  • Expanded the upper kitchen space 12" into the dining room/garage
  • Completely redid ALL electrical work in the kitchen/dining room
  • Added audio wire for in-wall speaker system
  • Replaced header for patio door along exterior wall
  • Removed old patio door, rebuilt the dry rotted exterior wall and installed a new 9' patio door
  • Created an interior entrance from garage to the house including a "mini mud room"
  • Installed a pocket door frame for future pantry space
  • Hung sheet rock in kitchen and dining room walls and ceiling
  • Encased the existing ceiling beams to bulken and freshen them up

    Guess we've done quite a lot! :)  As we speak we have decided to hire someone to come in and do the taping/muding/sanding of the dry wall.  We have done everything up until this point in the kitchen space ourselves however for the cost/time value bringing someone in to do this part of it is the best decision for us.

    As this has all been going on I've started to move forward on a few other projects in another spot of the house.  The right side of the house where the hallway and all 3 bedrooms are located, the ceiling was popcorn texture and I hated it.  I first just planned on painting the texture a fresh bright white, but after doing the smallest room and it taking hours and creating the BIGGEST mess of all - I decided to hire someone to come in and scrap the ceiling for us.  There was a pretty good chance there was asbestos in it so we just went ahead and hired for this also, plus they did it in two days time so went super fast.

    (Attempting to paint the popcorn texture - #Fail)

    (No more popcorn texture!)

    Once they finished I was able to start the bedroom painting.  Since all of our things had to come out of storage and delivered to our house during this time I am trying to work around a million boxes.  I decided to store all our things in our master bedroom and my son's room and keep Baby Girl's room empty.  This way I'm able to remove all the baseboards, window and door casings, paint the room and rebuild the baseboards and casings easier.  Once I finish her room, I'll move everything from my son's room into her room - tackle it in there and so on.

    Here's a little sneak peek of the type of casing's I'm doing throughout the whole house.

    They're big, fresh, and I LOVE them.  However, trying to do all this with uneven walls, existing door frames and poor plastered sheet rock has already proven to be quite a big challenge.  But BRING IT ON HOUSE.
    You can also kind of see the color I choose for Baby Girl's room...and I'm surprised I went with something this outside of my normal comfort zone of Greiges but I love the impact of it. 

Remember you can see lots of updates and daily pictures of our renovation if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook!

As for this weekend, I'm happy to say we'll be stepping away from the renovation and taking a much needed vacation.  What are you up to this weekend for the 4th?!



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