Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Your Favorite PB&Jstories DIY Projects | Inspiration

I can't help but reflect on three years worth of blogging as we're starting our next biggest adventure.  People ask why I started blogging, what I blog about, what I hope to gain from my blog, etc etc all the time.  I never know REALLY want to answer, "I began blogging because... my husband was deployed and I got tired of talking to myself." ... "I blog about... DIY attempts, projects I think others may might possibly could do themselves when following my tutorial of fumbling through steps... actually I mostly just ramble."  What I hope to gain from my blog.... "Friendships? Relationships? That's what I've enjoyed the most!"

But reflecting on where I've grown as a DIYer, as a photographer and all I've learned about content development I'd say I'm happy, no I'm excited and grateful that I've had this journey as a blogger.

That being said -- I did a quick reflect on overall favorite posts that YOU guys have put up in my rankings and it was fun to see out of everything I've done, what you seek out the most.

Here's a break down of each DIY tutorial and a link to jump to the project! Would love it if you'd share any new ones you haven't shared/pinned yet!

DIY Wood Headboard Tutorial

(Original picture from tutorial)

 (Another picture of the headboard once I completed my master bedroom makeover)

DIY Painted Curtains
(Again, a picture from the original post....)

(And another from the Master Bedroom Reveal)

(PS Reminder: If you want to pin any of these projects it helps to go to the original tutorial and pin from there to reference back to easiest!)
I can't thank you enough! To each and every one of you that lands on my blog, reads a post and even saves the page to come back to later to maybe follow a tutorial, or share with a friend!
You guys are the reason I blog! 
Thank you Thank you!

Do you have any favorite projects I've done you don't see here?  I'd love to hear!



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