Tuesday, September 30, 2014

How to Paint your Front Door, Easy and Fast

My Sister-in-law recently bought a really cute new home.  (Funny story: The listing for her house was almost the reason we didn't buy OUR house.  It was hard seeing a house so close in price tag to ours but the condition and finishings of the house were LIGHT YEARS better.)  Their last home had a cute yellow door so I asked if they were interested in painting their front door a fun accent color again.
Here's her original front door/house.

The time of day was some strong direct sunlight so the before images aren't the "best"...but when are they supposed to be.  But you get the drift, it was a pretty standard wood door, one panel window with white trim against a beige neutral home.  You see what's missing?  A little pizazz... a little oomph.... perhaps a wow accent. You get where I'm going with this.

Do you remember the last time I really did something with a little pizazz? It's not too often, but when I do I'm QUITE pleased with the result.  Last time was Baby Girl's nursery ceiling when I used Modern Master's metallic paint.  So when they came knockin' at my door to try out their new line of paint it seemed like the perfect opportunity.  Now this isn't actually MY front door.  This is my Sister-in-Law's front door and since we've torn our house apart enough for now I asked if she's be interested in a cute little front door makeover for the Fall season, and she was all over it.

So beginning the Front Door makeover project....
To be sure I did the prep right we removed it from the door frame and removed the original hardware.  I used a medium grit sanding block and gave it an once-all-over to remove any build up, and the smooth varnish finish of the original door.  Next gave it a wipe down and thorough cleaning.

There are a LOT of tutorials the proper way to prep a front exterior door for painting so I was a little nervous what is the BEST way to prep it for their front door paint.  But Modern Masters was awesome enough to just come out and say right on their packaging that Zinsser 1-2-3 Primer was the best to use for their paint.  Thank you easy decision.

To painting we go:

The paint went on easily but I could tell right away that using a white primer and dark top coat that it was going to take a few coats of paint.  I just took my time and did long even paint strokes across the flat surface.

One paint coat.

Two Paint Coats. (Had to reattach the door at this point so they could lock up their house during the night time hours.  The paint drying time per coat is 3 hours).

Three Paint Coats.

I love the bold punch of color that the blue gives the space.
In the DIY and makeover spirit my sister-in-law took down all her house lights and fixtures and spray painted those with ORB spray paint.  They were white so the dark oil rubbed bronze pairs really well with the black, gives it a classy look. 

I love that you can subtly still see the color when the storm door is closed.  Big downside of living in the Mid-West, storm doors cover your pretty front door.

It's crazy the impact a little paint can make.

A little low down on Modern Master's Front Door Paint that I used.  They have 24 colors to choose from, the color I used is called "Calm" and is a Satin Finish.  Gloss finish on exterior doors is usually nice because it's a little more durable and resists fading, however their line of Front Door Paint never fades so I love that it's a Satin Finish. 

Front Door Paint is available on Amazon (affiliate link) Modern Master's Online Shop and select Lowe's locations.
Modern Master's provided me with the Front Door Paint to review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.



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