Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I'll Walk all Over You | #PBJreno

Who wants to do a happy dance with me?  Perhaps a tap dance on our tiled floor?!

The kitchen floor was one of my biggest design struggles for this kitchen.  I just could not find a tile that I was envisioning and that also matched the space. I think we picked up about 12 different tile options before coming to a decision. But, now that the decision is made I'm SO excited.

Let's take a few steps back... remember when we ripped up the original flooring, and then re-installed the new subfloor.  So we had a brand new level floor in our kitchen to lay the tile down.  There's a million and one tutorials out there how to install tile and flooring so not going to do a full how to post. But, I will say laying down a 36" length plank is a lot more difficult than traditional tiles.  As the length of it covers 36" not only does your floor have to be level so bowing doesn't occur, but it can still occur when you lay to long tiles next to one another.  Natural bowing of the tiles can happen during manufacturing so it's easiest to stagger the tiles with a third distance separation.

As you can see we laid the tiles down and would stagger the tiles every 12".  I've seen a few different ways to do this but in our space being sure the tiles didn't overlap too much this is how we did it.

We used 3/16" grout spacers... this was another decision we had to make. We read a lot about lippage that can occur if your space is too small, and if it's too large you deal with dirty grout lines and greater risk of staining if spills occur.  We dry fit about half the kitchen first and went back and numbered each tile before picking it all up to lay the mortar.

All said and done --- VIOLA! We went with a dark grout to make it stand out more, and also help  eliminate risk of dirt and stains (darn those children).  There's still a big haze over the tiles in this picture so they almost look a bit cloudy. But you can tell the style and design of them... there's occasional hints of a wood grain, mixed with lines and varying of dark greys and whites.

I love them.

This is getting more fun to do with each project but let's do a quick flash back to the BEFORE:


I'm starting to wish we were able to change the layout more than we did but... it actually ended up  being the most functional as is.  We did expand the width of it by 12" (pushed the sink/island row of cabinets) and so very happy we gained that space.

Big changes huh!  I have a few more posts I'll be doing that show a few steps we've been able to do but soon enough any sneak peek reveals will be limited because ...... (dare I say it's actually possible) ... WE'LL BE DOING THE FULL REVEAL! (whaaaaat)



  1. These look great! I love the tile you picked out and the dark grout looks perfect for the tile and space.

  2. Ok, our homes must have been built in the same era, because we also have the huge soffit, which for us doesn't contain any ducting. Just wasted space. I can't wait for the day that we can rip it all down!! And even though you only added 12", it looks a ton bigger.

  3. Ahhh it looks amazing. I absolutely love the times you guys picked out!!!


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