Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pull up a seat - at our beautiful breakfast bar | #PBJreno

Last I left you I shared our kitchen floor tiling process and with a similar image as below.

Except now I want to talk about this area...

That big ol' thang will be a big ol' breakfast bar!  I'm pretty excited about it. 
The final execution of it ended up being different than our original plan.  At first I envisioned it a little more "free floating" and open.  Something like this:

It's not really common to have a breakfast bar sit lower than the counter-top level but our kitchen and dining room space had a weird addition that made it be two different levels.  Where the kitchen is located - it's on the same level as the remainder of the house, but where we'll be having our dining room it's a 9" step down.  Some weird addition the previous owners did while they ruined lived in this house.  

PS. funny side story: My son J was at the house with me this past weekend and he was asking me, 

J: "Why did the people that used to live here leave?"
Me:  "Well hun because they wanted to live in a new house"
J: "So they broke the house first, then left, we got the house and now you're fixing it?"
Me: "HAHAHA, yup that's about right J:
Have to love those simple minded minds children have.

Back to our breakfast bar.  So our upper level kitchen layout is a combination of "L" shaped and Galley kitchen.  We decided we wanted to make the counter-top that was free-standing into the look of a big island, but since there was the step down we had to make it into a lower-level breakfast bar.  

After a lot of back and forth, and 6 months of watching our little girl climb onto EVERYTHING she possibly can, we decided to make our breakfast bar a little more sturdy.  Rather than just having the outer corner have a column support we opted for a hall wall for the side support. 

Plus, by doing a half wall we're able to sneak in an extra outlet... can't have too many of those!  

To keep it have a balanced look we did a half wall on the right side too.  We could have just used a long L bracket support drilled into the wall studs.  But, we just felt this would look more uniform. 

WHAAAAT.  What's going on up there...  :) Yup, that was the beautiful counter-tops being installed.

I'll be doing a little more trim and moulding work on this to make it look like the base cabinets.  I can't wait to have this big of a space up high at the counter-tops.  
It's a breakfast bar height which is 42" and traditional depth is 12" but we had the space and wanted it to be more of a comfortable work space so extended the bar out to 18".



  1. I love seeing what visions people have when re-doing a room! I love the before picture to now. Looks amazing!


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