Thursday, May 14, 2015

#TBT to the #PBJreno yard

You all have seen our house and all the work that needs to be done... but I haven't ever shared the outside, lawn and the current "yardscaping".

Let me tell you, it's NO better than the inside.  The yard is a mess.  And I have no clue how we're going to bring it around.

These were from last year, but we didn't make any improvements so it's still looking the same come this Spring. Above is a shot of part of the front yard "garden".
We have a ton of Basswood trees in our yard and they're terrible. They have really weak trunks as they age and are prone to leaning and their roots coming up front the ground, and eventually breaking from the pressure.  Awesome right.

This is in the backyard on the north side of the yard.  You can see the mature Basswoods beginning to lean... we have to keep a close eye on those as they're leaning right over our house.  No big deal right? ... Oh and the garden area above is... I have no clue. Not sure what's in there....

Now here's where it becomes a true disaster... behind those trees is this weird left over structure that maybe at one point was a jungle set? Honestly, no clue.

And right next to that is an actual jungle set... that we don't let our kids go near.

Oh and our lovely previous owners left lots of random garbage and old toys for us too... as you can see the awesome trampoline in the background too.

Here's another nice shot of one of our gardens.... beautiful right?

 This one part  has changed... we ripped down the three season porch when we demo'd the kitchen a year ago.  The footers were completely rotted out so we knew it had to be removed.  When we had the dumpster we just thought why not.

We have no clue what we're doing in our yard... so that'll be interesting year over year trying to fix it up as we're renovating the inside.

Were we just insane to buy this house or what?


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  1. Well I know your backyard looks like a mess, but I see some serious potential for it :)

    Definitely tear down both play sets, and remove the garden or at least what's in it ,so you can plant your own garden. and see if you can plant monkey grass where there are big bald patches in your grass, it's easy to maintain and pretty versatile. Not too sure about Jasmine, but that's a nice addition as well.

    liz @ sundays with sophie


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