Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Our little Dining Room Makeover | PBJreno

Can you believe it?!!!! I'm not even talking about this room transformation yet (we'll get there) I'm talking about the fact I'm sharing a "reveal" of the massive-forever-ongoing-never-ending-PBJreno!!!

I wasn't expecting to show the dining room before the kitchen, but this space is fairly complete and I NEED to show you guys because you deserve to see some progress!

Here you are, our dining room!  It underwent a BIG transformation, so here's a quick reminder of the beginning (as it's been a year since you all have seen it).

Originally this space wasn't used as the dining room.  Honestly, I think they used it as complete wasted space. It's right off the kitchen and on the far wall was their kitchen pantry. They had a traditional 6' sliding patio door, with lots of wood paneling and complete with dated fake brick wall.

We knew right away what we needed to do:
Rip up the floor
Replace and expand patio door
Break down pantry, and reframe into door to access to the garage

First began the demo:

We knocked out the exterior wall due to dry rot we found, plus had to replace the header and expand the opening for the new 9' patio door we were putting in.

Then we ended up knocking down the wall that blocked this space to the kitchen, remove the column, put in a expanding header to open the space up.  We also knocked down the pantry they had and framed in an interior door access to the garage and a little drop zone/entryway area.

Then came time to bulk up the beams, add sheet rock and paint everything a bright beautiful white.

You can already see it coming together can't you!

Next up was painting the brick wall white too.

During all this we also ripped up the flooring, releveled the entire floor (thanks 50's home builders, who needed to use levels anyways), and installed new floors.

^ I'm sealing the subfloor to prep it for installing grates on the part of the floor that downslopes.

The floors sloped downward from the exterior wall inward.  We installed metal grates, and then poured leveling concrete over the entire floor to even it out.  The purpose of the grates are to collect the leveling concrete easier to build it up even with the rest of the floor.

Next we just installed laminate wood floor in this area.  We decided to use laminate as it was durable enough for this space (dining room chairs, traffic in and out of the patio and garage access, kid toys, etc) but inexpensive enough we didn't want to invest a lot of money at this time when we have a ton of other to do in our home.

Then it was time to paint, fill with decor, and find a table that fit the space.

Dinner is served.

Do you just love it? We love it.

This is a pretty impromptu reveal, so I hope to share this space as you can see it from our kitchen soon.  It's an open space from the kitchen, and a custom breakfast bar we built to create one large flowing area.

It's so open. It's gets so much beautiful sunlight. And I just CANNOT get enough of how much I LOVE the ceiling and brick wall now... the major change a little TLC and paint can do!

Okay one more good ol' BEFORE and AFTER <goosebumps>

Can you believe the difference in the ceiling?  Bulking up the beams, adding trim, and a few coats of white paint TRANSFORMED it. I LOVE it and love the custom look and feel of it!

Now I'm all revved up to show you a few more changes we've made throughout the home.  We still have LIGHTYEARS until we're done. It's a major work in progress... and I mean it.  We literally are always in the middle of a project (as I'm staring at an completely opened/exposed wall in our living room).



  1. Looks amazing!
    I love the chairs and brick wall-pinning for sure :)
    I hope you'll find the time to link up with Idea Box this week:


  2. Amazing job, Pamela!!! I love the lighting and black door!!!


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