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So I see you're wanting to know a little about the writer of PB&Jstories and you've come to check out what exactly is my story.  Let me begin by explaining this blog's name:
PB&J sandwiches are a household favorite, a childhood must.  A reason to get messy without being told "no" and one of life's simplest joys.  Well my little family just happened to be so lucky to have our first names make up PB&J and I think it's just perfect for us. 
When my husband and I were just dating we had the "celeb couple nickname" Willamela (William + Pamela).  Then our son Jackson came along and our family truly began, as did the stories of PB&J (Pamela, Billy & Jackson).  Now we have our little baby girl Makenzie, but she's a part of the "stories".

Nothing in our lives over the past few years has been easy, or simple.  We started our family while my husband left for the military.  Communication via email, pictures and skype calls are too familiar for us.  I think that's the real reason I started blogging.
We live very far from both our families, my husband is typically gone 7 months of the year, and while I've met amazing people living in VA I still have yet to create a community of friends like I have back in Minnesota.  Blogging combines a connection to an amazing network of others, while sharing a passion I've developed for DIY projects and decorating.

As I began blogging I read it was important to have a direction first, then start your blog.  Well, I kind of threw that tip out the window and just started blabbering until I really realized what it was exactly I'd concentrate on.  PB&Jstories is where I share my DIY secrets, projects, and tutorials. We moved into our house in 2010 and have been doing our own DIY projects to turn this house into a home. PB&Jstories started as a landing ground to compile my ideas, and projects.  Since then it has grown to be a part of who I am. PB&Jstories is ME. It’s my passion, my ideas, my projects, my innovations, my creativity, my mistakes, my triumphs, my journey. I applaud those that want to experience the journey with me, as you’ll hurdle the impossibilities with me, we’ll celebrate accomplishments together, we’ll discover new realms of how to’s and tutorials. We’ll enjoy the wonderfulness of DIYing it together.

My favorite thing about DIY blogs is the connection writers feel to one another.  We kind of all know what it feels like to have that compulsive need to stop at Goodwill's and thrift stores in fear if we don't we may pass up the gem of a life time.  We all know what it feels like to be in a garage after spraying paint, and wondering to ourselves {hmmm, am I just tired, or should I get better ventilation in here, because I'm not usually this dizzy}.  And though I may actually say it excessively, I know we ALL do our own versions of {happy dances} over our completed projects! 
It's a world of encouragement, uplifting each other, sharing secrets, and helping others grow.

If you have any questions, any comments, any concerns {unless it's about my mental health, I assure you I'm "fine".. I just act quite goofy after I paint at night in my garage.. I'm usually fine by morning} then do not hesitate to email me! I love hearing from my readers!

oh, and here's my blog warning:
I write like I talk so if at any time you can't understand what I'm trying to say in a post... read it out loud to yourself... and if you still can't understand then that's probably because almost every one around me in my life never really understands what I say either.
{just nod along and continue reading...}
My husband is a grammar guru and I'm sure my writing is like nails on a chalkboard 99% of the time to him... so I apologize to you, if you too, are a grammar guru. 

Contact me!
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